What is Solar Generator?

A solar system is not only about fixing the solar panels on a rooftop, but you also have portable power systems like solar generators. These generators are suitable for homes, boats, RVs, or remote areas. They are also suitable in case of an emergency. However, they are not ideal for a large building or a house having big power needs.

What is Solar Generator?

Understand Their Function

Solar generators have two main components, including solar panels and storage units or batteries. The panel gets power from the sun and the battery stores it to power up various devices or small units. Generally, a solar generator comes as a complete kit, but you can also buy a battery and solar panel separately.

Type Of Panels Used In Solar Generators

Unlike ordinary solar panels, the generator solar panels are small in size and wattage. Besides, they are portable and you can carry them anywhere easily. You can tilt a generator solar panel according to the sun’s position. On the other hand, commercial or residential solar systems panels have to be fixed.

Battery Type

You need some storage to get a solar generator, as a solar panel alone can’t be a generator. These batteries are often smaller than those used in typical residential solar systems. The battery is also portable which means you can install or uninstall and transport it easily. Besides, the solar generator battery has outlets to help users plug into appliances, gadgets, and chargers.

Moreover, a solar generator often includes lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries. You can also use these batteries with other battery systems, called chaining. Like, you can make a solar generator more powerful by adding an extra battery. Whereas a residential solar system’s battery is mostly lithium-ion.

Advantages of Solar Generators

Solar generators have many benefits compared to gas or electrical generators, such as:

  • You get clean energy free from any harmful chemicals, like gas or diesel generators. You can breathe in clean air and the energy is all free, as there is nothing to pay for like fuel or electricity generators. Besides, it’s a lifetime product provided all its components work well.
  • Secondly, solar generators need little maintenance and that also decreases their overall cost. As it is portable so there are fewer chances of damage.
  • Traditional generators are very noisy, but a solar generator is quiet because of a few moving components.
  • You can move a solar generator easily from one room to another or can also keep it with you while camping, etc.

Disadvantages Of Solar Generators

Like other solar products, generators also have some flaws, such as:

  • They are not suitable for large buildings or homes as they supply limited power.  It is only an emergency power solution for small gadgets. You can’t power up large appliances for longer, like TVs or refrigerators.
  • Though you save power costs, solar generators are expensive than fuel generators. So, the upfront cost is higher than other generators.
  • These generators recharge slowly compared to traditional generators. So, you can’t get instant power and have to recharge them in the day.

Now you know the uses and bad points of solar generators, so you can decide if you should have them or not. The choice entirely depends on your requirements and suitability.


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