Top 3 Ways to Charge Solar Lights

Only the sunlight is the main source of charging solar lights. But, sometimes the direct sunlight is not there and you want to use these lights. There are other ways to charge solar lights during overcast or cloudy days when the sunlight is completely absent. Let’s discuss the top 3 ways in this case.

1. How to Charge Solar Lights with an Indirect Sun

Though the cloudy days have less sunlight, you can still charge your solar lights through some tricks. Like,

  • If the panel is dirty, clean it so it can receive the sunlight.
  • You can clean it with a soft cloth and normal water. Don’t use any detergent because the chemical can cause cracks on the panel, reducing its function.
  • You can also wash off the dusty solar panels with a hose.

How to Charge Through Mirror

Another way to charge a solar panel is through a mirror by redirecting the sunlight to the solar lamps. Such as,

  • If the solar panel is in a shady area, place a mirror near it to reflect the sunlight on the panel. Though it’s not that effective, this tip works when you can’t adjust the panel or have no place to install it other than under some shadow.
  • The mirror should be larger than the solar panel, like double in size. A large mirror will reflect more sunlight.
  • The mirror should be in a diagonal position to stand stable, and the panel should be on its side. So, if you hang the mirror above the panel, it won’t work.
  • You have to shift the mirror from time to time according to sun orientation that keeps on changing throughout the day.

2. How to Charge Solar Lights from Incandescent Lights

  • An incandescent light can also charge a solar light though it’s not that effective. You can place the solar light under any incandescent bulb in your home to get quick charging.
  • Be sure that solar light is very close to the artificial light, or it won’t charge faster. But, this method works if you are using incandescent light.
  • Only a strong bulb can charge better. Besides, you need at least 12 hours to get charging through the bulb.

Charging With Battery Operated LED Lights

  • If you are away from home, like for outdoor activity, you can use a flashlight or LED light that runs with a battery. It’s an ideal way to charge your solar light while hiking, camping, or cycling, etc.
  • You will need to charge from 10 to 12 hours with this method.
  • However this trick works only if the flashlight LED is already in use for some reason, or it would be an additional expense.

3. Don’t Place The Solar Lights Near Other Lights Like Street Or Garage Lights

  • If you have artificial outdoor lights, place solar lights away from them because they will affect their intensity. Such solar lights will not be bright at night.
  • Generally, the artificial lights on the pillars, posts, or street lights are the main reason for reducing solar light’s efficiency.
  • However, you have to consider this factor only if the solar light is running. There is no issue placing solar lights near artificial lights if they are charging or they are off.


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