11 Best Solar Rope Lights For Outdoors Reviews 2021

Like solar wall or fence lights, we also have solar rope lights for decorative purpose. We can use them for both exterior and interior, however, they are more effective for the exterior. The solar panel provides power to the LEDs and we get light like stars or sometimes it is smooth.

There is a variety of solar rope lights having beautiful colors like red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple as well.  The strings are flexible and you can turn it in any direction.  The lights are waterproof and mostly have irreplaceable batteries.

11 Best Solar Rope Lights Reviewed & Rated

1- AMIR (Upgraded Version) Solar Rope Lights

String lights look beautiful because they add decor to the home exterior and interior. However, these lights are also unsafe because of electric power. But, you can try solar rope lights and get a starry façade without fear of electric shock. You can also install them at a party or can enhance the landscape.

  • Amir is making lights for long but now it introduces the rope lights that get power from the sun. These are waterproof lights so don’t worry if it starts raining during a festival.
  • The tube has a copper wire inside it with 100 LEDs that produce a bright light. The length of one wire is 33 feet, so you can decorate a large area.
  • The bulbs distribute light in all directions. Besides, the rope is flexible and you can turn it at any angle.
  • It consumes less power compared to the electric rope lights. The panel stores light in the day and releases at night.
  • You can wrap it as you want and it’s easy to store. You can also install these lights easily. However, you have to charge it after purchasing a product. It needs 6 hours to charge up fully in the sun.
  • It has two modes, including the flashing and steady on. You can set the mode as you want.


  • Flexible string
  • Bright white light
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • Consumes low voltage
  • Doesn’t need to plugin
  • Two modes


  • Non-replaceable battery

2- IMAGE 8 Modes Solar Rope Lights Outdoor

With the help of IMAGE solar rope lighting, you can enjoy a festival or event like a wedding, a birthday party, or any indoor or outdoor event. The rope is waterproof and functions with solar power so it is safe to install anywhere. Though this model has white light, other colors are also available.

  • This rope light has a panel with a high conversion rate. Besides, it has a 2400mAh battery that also stores energy on cloudy days.
  • IMAGE has 8 adjustable modes with flashing. The mode setting buttons lie on the back of the solar panel. We can set any mode according to the event.
  • You can remove the panel from the rope and can attach them again after charging the panel. This feature makes charging easier for you.
  • Having a waterproof exterior means the string is suitable for rainy days. It also resists other weather conditions like heat and snow.
  • The working time of the light is 10 or even 20 hours. After 8 hours of charging. You will get 9 to 84 feet long rope light so you can decorate a wide wall.
  • The solar panel has a spike below that you can insert in the ground directing the panel towards the sun. You can also mount the panel on a wall.


  • Energy-saving rope light
  • High-level panel
  • Three different lengths
  • Multiple flashing
  • More working hours


  • Not so thick string

3- GIGALUMI Outdoor Solar Rope Lights

Gigalumi is making solar lights for years including the fence, wall, garden, and pathway lights. Solar power rope lights by this company will give you more benefits as two items per product are available. You can install these string lights in a hall or garden or patio. The light is the best for all kinds of events that need decorative lights.

  • One rope has 100 LEDs in it and its length is 35.7 feet that is too good for a wide space.
  • The light has 8 modes which are ideal for decoration. Like, you will get waves, flashing, slow fading, twinkle, and so on. Kids love the flickering lights as other colors are also available.
  • The solar panel stores energy on both hot and cloudy seasons. The rope has built-in sensors and we get automatic turn on and off.
  • The light is waterproof because it has a durable plastic. You can also recycle the product after its life is over.
  • The bulbs distribute the light to all directions. Besides, the rope can fold around any shape because it is so flexible.
  • Installation and removal of the string lights are very easy. Besides, you can store them anywhere through folding.
  • The charging time of Ni-MA battery is 6 to 8 hours and the light will illuminate for 10 hours or less.


  • IP65 plastic
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Flexible and foldable
  • Suitable length
  • Various decorative modes
  • 800 MA battery


  • Solar panel requires assembling

4- Mpow Solar Rope Lights

We all want an event within our budget, but electric lighting can cost more. On the other hand, solar rope lights are energy-saving and cheap. We can illuminate an event with these lights. Besides, we can also install them in the garden, patio, yard, pillar, tree, and several other things.

  • Mpow rope light has 8 modes like fairy mode, twinkle, flashing, fading, steady, and others. You can read its manual to understand all these modes.
  • One rope has 100 LEDs that give us a warm white light. Yellow lights over green trees look stunning.
  • The rope is very thin having 33 feet length. You can fold it around any object or can also hide it in the false ceiling to accent an interior.
  • The solar panel stores energy in the day and releases it at night. It can work for 10 hours, besides it has built-in sensors. You have to insert the spike in the ground to fix the solar panel.
  • The material of the string is IP64 waterproof and also resists heat. You can use it both inside and outside the house.


  • Cost-effective and decorative
  • 8 mode-settings
  • High-grade waterproof plastic
  • Long enough
  • Better working life
  • 18-months warranty
  • Excellent customer service


  • The memory function reverses the settings

5- JosMega Upgraded Solar Powered String Fairy Lights

JosMega is giving us a new version of solar rope light with better features. It is available in three forms, including 33 and 72 feet long as one pack, and 33 feet long rope with two packs. The light is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Different modes make it an excellent decoration for weddings, and parties, etc.

  • This is a green rope light so you must install it around the pillars, fences, walls, or brown tree trunks. Different modes allow us to enjoy different effects. It is also ideal for a kid’s birthday party.
  • You will get a steady 360-degree light. Besides, the string is foldable and you can move it around any shape. You can also add light to false ceilings, making them more attractive.
  • The rope has a huge battery of 1200mAh capacity. After 8 hours of charging, you will get 12 hours of working life. But, the functionality will reduce with less charging.
  •  The rope is waterproof having an IP67 rating. Whereas, the battery casing is also waterproof with an IP65 rate material. So, the entire unit can withstand rainy weather. Besides, it is a non-plug-in product.
  • It is a worthwhile product, besides, solar power also makes it cheap. However, it is a high-quality decorative light.
  • Make sure to charge this light with its switch on. The panel should be clean and clear from any cover to receive the maximum solar energy.


  • Powerful string light
  • Attractive color
  • Certified by CE, ROHS, and FCC
  • Non-plug in
  • Different lighting modes
  • Budget-friendly


  • Ultra-thin rope

6- Chinety Upgraded Solar Powered String Lights

If you want to decorate the trees, solar rope lights by Chinety will be the best. You will get two products. The light has various modes, giving you different decorative effects. The string is ideal for parties, gardens, patios, and other places.

  • This is an attractive cool light and white enhances the green area more than colorful lights. The rope is easy to mold around any object, including the trees.
  • The product is available in three different lengths from 50 to 200 LEDs. You can buy a rope light according to your requirements.
  • You can place the rope anywhere as it is easy to store. However, it won’t get damaged if you keep it installed outside. Besides, the light will not overheat.
  •  It has 8 adjustable modes, including flashing, fading, twinkle, and others. The guests will enjoy these lights if you install them on a special event.
  • The solar panel is adjustable and has a good conversion rate. You can recharge the battery whenever you need it.
  • IP65 exterior of the rope prevents it from absorbing the water.


  • Strong copper string
  • Waterproof
  • Non-plug-in light
  • Automatic on and off
  • Multiple lengths
  • 8 working hours
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Too thin

7- JMEXSUSS Solar Rope Lights Outdoor Waterproof

This is a blue string light with excellent quality. Various modes will help you decorate the area in attractive ways. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor parties or wedding events. You can also install the rope lights solar powered just to make your kids happy as they love the twinkles.

  • A string having a 32.8 feet length is enough for a wall, tree, pergola, or some furniture. Besides, the company offers two packs, so you can add fancy to a large event. The rope throws light at 360 degrees.
  • From slow to steady, and fairy to fading and fireflies, all modes are amazing.
  • The light has sensors that detect the dusk and dawn and work accordingly. However, let it charge for at least 8 hours or more to make it work for a whole night.
  • The copper wire is waterproof, as well as the panel. Both items will remain durable in any weather.
  • The company offers an excellent after-sales service. Besides, the warranty is also available.
  • The rope is bendable, so you can fold it around any shape. However, when you buy it, open it slowly to avoid tangling.


  • Eco-friendly light
  • Soft blue color
  • Multiple modes
  • Flexible string
  • IP44 waterproof
  • Two strings and two panels


  • First time charging needs 2 to 3 days

8- LiyuanQ Solar Rope Lights Outdoor

These solar rope lights come up with advanced properties. The string has a PVC tube that protects it from water, humidity, heat, and snow. The light has colorful LEDs, and we can install them on the façade or on some inner wall to enhance an event.

  • One string has 100 LEDs in a 33 feet length. Various modes create various effects in this entire length.
  • It has a rechargeable battery with more capacity than the previous models of LiyuanQ solar lights. The LEDs will work for 12 hours without getting dim.
  • The provision of the IP65 waterproof feature is another benefit that you will get. People install these ropes on the exterior because they know that the weather can’t affect them.
  • Though the tube is thin, it is very durable, and you can fold it anywhere. However, don’t let it tangle, or the wire will get damaged.
  • The multiple colors allow you to practice your creativity. Like, you can mix them with the white light or can use stylish objects to wrap the string around them.
  • The cost of the rope light is also affordable. Besides, the company also offers coupons to its customers.


  • PVC tube cladding
  • Flexible string
  • 8 decorative modes
  • Waterproof with IP65
  • Solar panel with a spike


  • Dust can affect the solar panel

9- Fatpoom Solar Rope Lights

Other multicolor string lights come from Fatpoom. You can install these solar rope lights around a tree, wall, or some object. You can also make the area colorful during a pool party. Solar charging keeps these lights working for several hours.

  • You can create various effects with colorful LEDs. This is the best light to boost up your imagination. These lights are good for outdoors.
  • The length of this solar rope light is 40 feet, and it has 120LEDs. You will get the flickering stars or steady light all around you.
  • The light has 8 modes, so you can adjust it as you want. You can control the mode according to the event, like keep it steady for adults’ events and make it starry or twinkle for the kids.
  • This string does not need any transformer to produce the light. The sun will charge it in the day and release the light at night.
  • The built-in sensors work automatically at night. You can just wrap it on the facade and let it stay there for a whole day, and it will start at night automatically.
  • The waterproof tube protects the LEDs from getting damaged. Besides, it also resists snow and intense heat.


  • Solar-powered
  • Eco-friendly
  • Energy-saving
  • Multiple colors
  • Weather-resistant
  • Strong structure


  • A bit expensive

10- Ecohut Solar Outdoor Rope Lights

Another light with different colors is Ecohut. The rope is flexible like other solar rope lights and easy to wrap around it. Enrich a special occasion or a day with colorful LEDs. People love to decorate a party and even the front door with these lights.

  • If you have several trees in your garden, decorate a few with rope lights. Let the rope stay there to get power from the panel and it will light up at night.
  • The product depends on the solar panel that absorbs light and sends it to the LEDs. Make sure the sun is intense if you want to charge the light fully.
  • Be it frost, snow, water, rain, or heat, the rope will resist it successfully. So, it is an ideal solution for outdoor décor.
  • The rope is 40 feet long with 100 LEDs that work at 360 degrees. You can use this length for a huge wall or tree.
  • Various modes create interesting effects. A dance party can rock with funky lights.


  • IP65 waterproof tube
  • 8 lighting modes
  • 6 charging hours
  • 10 working hours
  • Long-lasting material
  • Compatible with any surrounding


  • Objects can affect the solar panel

11- Asmader Solar String Lights Outdoor

A warm white light always looks attractive. The solar rope light by Asmader is too long and can decorate a huge area. You can install it in a patio, pergola, wall, tree, tent, or any other object. Kids also love such fairy lights.

  • You can control it from a remote distance. Like, you can adjust the mode, time, and other features.
  • It has 1500mA charging capacity so you can use it for several hours.
  • The light can resist the weather conditions easily, such as rain, snow, and heat, etc.
  • Like other rope lights, this one also has 8 lighting modes. You can adjust the mode according to the event.
  • The solar panel has 19.7% more conversion capacity than before. It gets charged in the day and sends power to the bulbs at night. The sensors detect the light automatically.
  • It is a 60 feet long string with 200 bulbs. You don’t need two ropes as only one rope can cover a huge area.


  • Sturdy and  IP67 waterproof
  • Remote control
  • Multiple mode adjustment
  • Warm white
  • Powerful solar panel
  • 60 feet long


  • A hindrance can affect the remote function

Buying Guide

The above products are amazing, but the customers always have doubts until they buy and use some product. Various factors can help you determine if the solar rope lights are effective or not. Read below to get more knowledge of these lights.

Rope Strength

The rope must be very durable because you have to fold it around an object. At the same time, it must be flexible enough so you can easily mold it as you like. Generally, the ropes and solar panels are waterproof, but some are not. Read the waterproof rating of the PVC tube and panel before buying a product.

Rope Length

The length of the rope or string must be enough to cover something as you require. The LEDs in a particular length should not be too close or too far like there must be a balance.

White or Colored

It’s up to you which color you need. You can choose a white light for dark areas or a normal event. You can select the warm white or colorful lights for festivals or kids’ parties.

Solar Panel’s Installation

Make sure the solar panel has a spike to insert it in the ground to fix it according to the sun. Generally, the solar panels have spikes, but they may be missing in some brands so consider this factor.


The review about 11 best solar rope lights can help you in purchasing the product that you need. These lights are not only for events or festivals, but you can also enhance the false ceiling or a false wall with a white or colored rope light.

These lights don’t need any transformer like electrical string lights. The solar panel absorbs the sunlight and sends power to the LEDs. The day and night time runs the light as the light has sensors in it to detect the time. The cost of the string lights varies from brand to brand.


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