7 Best Solar Powered Dragonfly Lights Reviews [2021]

As electricity is getting expensive every other day, so solar products seem economical because you get free power. The landscape or decorative lights can consume lots of electricity, but we have solar dragonfly lights for you. These lights have LEDs with multiple changing colors. You can install them in the garden, pathway, driveway, patio, and yard. However, some dragonfly lights are also compatible with the indoors.

The dragonfly light has a rechargeable solar panel that runs the LED. The number of LEDs is different for each brand. Such lights are waterproof and made of ABS plastic and stainless steel.  You can hang the dragonfly lights with hooks or can use stakes for ground installation.

Hanging lights involve more styles than in-ground lights. Solar dragonfly lights are often affordable; however, different brands offer different prices. We have the seven best dragonfly lights to make you familiar with their features.

7 Best Solar Dragonfly Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Aveki Solar Dragonfly Lights

The decor is not only for rooms, but the garden or other outdoors also need it. We highly recommend solar dragonfly lights for outdoors like patios, yards, pool area, etc. Aveki added wind chimes in solar lights to increase its product’s value.


  • The lights change six colors that look so beautiful at night. You can have a surreal atmosphere through dragonfly lights because the light transforms from one color to another.
  • These lights are almost free because there are no electricity costs. Let it charge for a whole day and get decorative light for 8 hours. The LED life is around 100,000 hours.
  • The dragonfly hangs on a wire that also illuminates at night. It is an ideal thing for festivals, and you can use it according to the rest of the decoration.
  • The spiral wind chimes will clear your area from negative energy through rhythmic sounds according to the Feng Shui experts. Whereas the colors give you energy and make you fresh.
  • Aveki solar light doesn’t need any wiring, so just buy it, and hang it under the sun, and it will work after dusk. After charging, you can also use these lights in a living room.


  • Color-changing LEDs
  • Suitable for outdoors
  • Mobile solar lights
  • Automatic function


  • Very delicate so not pet friendly

2. Solpex Solar Dragonfly Lights

Solpex solar dragonfly lights produce different colors. They will look good in your garden, patio, yard, or pathway. However, you can use them in different ways to develop a decorative area.


  • The LEDs change seven colors, including red, blue, yellow, green, purple, etc. These colors will increase the beauty of the garden and a festival.
  • The lights have stakes, so insert them in your ground where they can absorb the sunlight. The dragonflies make cool pathway lights when you install them at some distance from each other.
  • When you place the Solpex lights in a sunny place, they will start to charge and will turn on at night, giving light for 6 or 8 hours. The intense sun can fully charge the dragonflies.
  • After mixing metal and plastic, Solpex developed dragonfly lights. The waterproof rating is IP65 that increases these stake lights’ life.
  • These lights have a DIY installation because you only need to remove the cover and install its solar panel in the sun. You can also shift a light’s place according to the sun that changes its position during the day. These are the best solar dragonfly stake lights.


  • Festival and decorative lights
  • Color-changing LEDs
  • Waterproof with IP65
  • 30-days refund
  • After-sales service


  • Not ideal for a crowded area due to a delicate structure

3. Lyhope Solar Dragonfly Lights- Wind Chime Lights

Lyhope is always ahead of others in making festival products, including the solar dragonfly lights. These lights also include chimes that create sounds when they move due to wind. Be it a garden, yard, or patio, the dragons will look attractive everywhere.


  • The auto-on and off feature will help you save time that goes into controlling the light’s function. It stays functional for 8 hours after full charging.
  • You will enjoy it when the dragonfly change colors from red to yellow and then green, and so on. All the seven colors look natural around the landscape.
  • The hooks will allow users to hang the Lyhope lights wherever they want. The company used high-grade plastic to make these lights. So, they are suitable for the outdoors because of being waterproof.
  • What an ideal thing to gift to a loved one at some festival or a party. Kids and adults all love such colorful lights. You can also decorate your wedding ground with dragonfly lights.
  • The product includes dragonfly light, one installation hook, and an instruction manual. For any fault, you can contact the source and will get a response within a day.


  • Waterproof plastic lights
  • Continuous colorful LEDs
  • Multipurpose lights
  • Easy to hang
  • Cheap and energy saving


  • Only one pack per product

4. Mosteck Dragonfly Solar Powered Lights

You can decorate any outdoor with solar dragonfly lights. Mosteck wants you to create a calm environment with wind chimes and colorful LEDs. The colors keep on changing from one after another.


  • The LEDs have sensors that detect the day and night to function automatically. The panel has quick absorption, so it is a cost-effective light.
  • Mosteck used ABS that brings quality to dragonfly lights, preventing them from rain, snow, and intense temperature.
  • The LEDs are so durable that they will not deform due to intense heat, whereas their working life is up to 150,000 hours. The LEDs highly bright after charging.
  • Why not have a romantic atmosphere with color-changing delicate dragonflies. You would love red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, etc. These colors add magic to an event along with beautiful sounds.
  • Though solar lights are more suitable for the outdoors, these dragonfly lights will also go well in the room. You can hang them with the hooks included in the package.
  • Install these lights under the sun to absorb more power. Mosteck develops solar lights to reduce power expenses, giving you a pollution-free place.


  • Durable LEDs
  • Waterproof ABS plastic
  • Multiple applications
  • Mobile solar lights
  • Wireless installation


  • A lightweight structure is vulnerable to pets and kids

5. SEMILITS Solar String Light

If you like crystals, you would also love the crystal solar dragonfly lights. They have 30 LEDs that produce blue instead of several colors. Blue is very soothing for the nerves and looks more romantic.


  • SEMILITS develops waterproof lights for patios, gardens, yards, trees, etc. It is a string light with 30 dragonflies. They are also suitable for room decoration, like bedroom or living room.
  • You can turn it on through its switch; besides, you can also set any mode you like. The panel will charge in the day for producing light at night.
  • Unlike the above products, SEMILITS has a rechargeable battery that enhances its life. The light will work for up to 8 hours if it was fully charged in the day.
  • The solar dragonfly string lights are waterproof and continue to work in the rain. They also stay intact during a snowfall.
  • Forget the utility bills because the dragonfly string lights are solar-powered. They are green products and safe for you and the environment.


  • Waterproof outdoor lights
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Switches for mode changing
  • Indoor and outdoor lights
  • Cheap and durable


  • The light has only one color

6. Izan Solar Dragonfly Lights

IZan is also among those who make color-changing solar dragonfly lights. They are in-ground lights, so they are ideal for pathways gardens, driveways, and yards.


  • The light consists of crystal-type acrylic dragonflies that bring life to the outdoor. The garden becomes more natural with solar lights like iZan.
  • They look like fairy lights that are not only decorative, but the LED is also bright. Various colors make an event lively and colorful. The lights also look beautiful among flowers.
  • The ABS stake is waterproof and does not get rust and so is the stainless steel pole. Both elements ensure a durable installation. The dragonfly is also waterproof that ensures long working hours.
  • The product uses renewable energy that is free of cost. The only expense is the light which is also very cheap. The rechargeable panel needs the sun to power up the LEDs.
  • These lights are excellent for night events or parties. You can also permanently install them on a pathway. It would feel good to sit around the dragonfly lights, which are kids and pet-friendly.


  • Six to eight working hours
  • Waterproof base
  • Crystal appearance
  • Multiple colors
  • Rustproof stake and pole


  • It has no rechargeable battery
  • They are not hanging

7. Unique Gadgets & Toys Solar-Powered Dragonfly Lights

The solar powered dragonfly lights change colors, creating a vivid effect. A couple can enjoy a romantic dinner around tiny and colorful lights. Stylish lights made of plastic and metal are durable than ordinary solar lights.


  • You need modern lights for your new home like dragonfly lights. The best thing is that they don’t consume electricity and are just like free.
  • You will get two lights in one product with stakes. Such in-ground lights are ideal for pathways, lawns, or unpaved patios. But, you can also insert the stake in a pot.
  • The LEDs change colors from white to red, orange, pink, blue, and purple. The light has a built-in solar panel that stores energy to power up the bulb at night. The LED works for eight hours if the panel was fully charged.
  • It’s easy to install with stakes and the stick holds the dragonfly. This modern light has a dust-to-dawn function so it involves no hassle. The installation does not require any wires or other tools.
  • Such attractive tiny lights are also suitable as a gift. A manual will also help you start the dragonfly.


  • Cool lighting effects
  • Ideal for pathway
  • Enhance a party
  • Stake lights
  • Multiple applications


  • There is no rechargeable battery
  • You cannot hang them

Buying Guide for Solar Dragonfly Lights

Keep certain points in your mind before purchasing the solar dragonfly lights for homes or other places. Let’s discuss these lights in the below section.

  • Dragonfly light is often small so ensure its material is waterproof and strong or it will easily deform. Mostly, plastic and metal are the main materials with a high-grade IP. The stake should also be waterproof to resist the rain or hose water.
  • These lights have either a built-in solar panel or it’s separate and connected. Ensure that the solar panel can absorb maximum sunlight and yield more power.
  • Choose hanging dragonfly solar lights if you have trees or a canopy. Check its hook as it should be strong. Whereas the stake lights can go inside the ground anywhere outdoor. Many people install stake lights in the pots alongside plants or flowers.
  • If you want to decorate the garden for a party, color variations will be important. The dragonfly light gives a pleasant and romantic feeling when the bulb changes colors.
  • A light with a rechargeable battery is also available as you can read our reviews. Ensure that the battery is also replaceable after its time is over.


Decorative solar dragonfly lights are ideal for the outdoors due to a wireless installation. They help save energy, and you can buy them at cheap prices. Both hanging and stake solar lights are good because it depends on how you want to use them. But, make sure to charge them before you hang them inside a room. Overall, the dragonfly lights are decorative, colorful, and convenient.


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