How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

Like regular traditional lights, solar lights are also popular and essential for those who can’t access electricity. You can decorate the indoors and outdoors with solar lights or can use them as functional and security lights. But, many people ask that how long solar lights last, as they become useless if they are not durable. We will try to satisfy you by answering this question, and also describe a few ways to enhance their service life.

So How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

Remember that solar light’s life depends on several factors, including their features and components that determine their quality. Let’s explore them below.

Battery Type and Quality

Solar lights often come with rechargeable batteries that store power provided by panels and send it to the lights. A high-capacity battery can keep lights working. Batteries can last for 4 years depending on their quality. However, you have to replace them after that.  You can keep extra batteries, in this case, to get lighting without interruption. But, the quality and material of the battery matter a lot.

Quality Of Solar Panels

Solar panels are equally important as they are the main source that absorbs sunlight. However, solar lamps don’t directly get power from solar panels, still, any flaw can affect the light’s service life. Make sure to keep panels free from dust and debris. They should not be under any shade as that can affect their absorption capacity. When panels work well and their conversion rate is also good, they will fully charge the battery. Eventually, your lights will stay functional.

How Effective Are Sensors

The sensors also determine solar light’s lifespan, as illumination occurs only because of them. If sensors can’t detect the sunlight, the light will not turn on automatically. Any kind of obstruction can affect sensor’s efficiency. Poor sensors drain off the battery, reducing a light’s life. So, you should keep lights clean and free from shadows to help sensors work properly.

LED Quality

Solar lamps mostly have LED bulbs and they are better than halogen lights. They help save cost and energy and can last for 30 years, provided they are durable.

Light Cover

Every solar light has some cover which is either plastic or glass, depending on the brand. Its efficiency will decrease if the casing has cracks or dust over it. Besides, you also have to maintain lights to use them for longer.

Can You Enhance Solar Lights Life?

Yes, by adopting certain things, you can make your solar lights last longer. Like, keep spare solar batteries to store enough solar energy to power up the lights. Buy a product with a replaceable battery, besides, you can also keep many batteries for the future.

Don’t let debris ruin a solar light’s casing and clean it quite often as already said. You can use a wet cloth for this purpose, and then a dry cloth as a final touch. The focused parts in terms of cleaning include light sensors, solar panels, casing, and LED bulbs.

Lastly, make sure that solar lights are getting direct sunlight. They should be away from shades, like trees, walls, and hedges, so install them accordingly.


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