10 Best Solar Lights For Mailboxes Reviews in 2021

Only a few companies specifically make solar lights for mailbox. Generally, any post lights serve as mailbox lights. These lights have built-in sensors to operate the light automatically. They are often waterproof, rustproof, and also resist molds, so nothing can damage them easily.

The solar lights for mailbox illuminate the entire area around the box. You can check your mail even at night. You can send your kids out to get you the new mail, including any bills. The article will discuss the ten best products in this respect. The review will help several people in shopping for solar lights.

10 Best Solar Lights For Mailbox Reviewed & Rated

1- Davinci Solar Light for MailBox

If you need various sizes in a solar light for mailbox, try to explore Davinci. It’s a post light available in three sizes. So, you have a choice to select any product according to your post size. The white fixture looks different among many black products.

  • The light produces excellent illumination. You don’t need wires, so there is no danger of installing it outside.
  • It has a compact design and the lamp gives 25 lumens, and the bulb has a life of 100,000 hours. You can install it near your mailbox or at some distance.
  • The light can charge up within 6 or 8 hours depending on solar energy. However, it should be clean because the dust can hinder the charging.
  • You can either install it with screws or can place it on some table or any garden furniture.
  • Davinci uses strong plastic having IP44 properties, so the light can withstand extreme weather conditions. The color will not fade nor can the water destroy it.
  • The light has a built-in rechargeable battery. You don’t have to shop for another battery after a short time.
  • Remember that the light is dim, so you cannot use it for illuminating the large areas. It only acts as a spotlight to get your mail or to enhance some landscape as well.


  • Instant installation
  • Self-function light
  • UV resistant light
  • Long lifespan
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Latest solar panel


  • Have exposed corners
  • Dim light

2- Kemeco Solar Mailbox Light

The solar lights for mailbox include any regular post lights. Kemeco is a classical type of light due to its design. Aluminum prevents it from rust and water. You can also use it in the garden over pillars or can hang it somewhere. However, place it on a post to spot your mailbox.

  • The light has rechargeable batteries, but make sure to turn on the switch before installing the fixture. The automatic function also protects battery discharge in the day.
  • The light has 12 LEDs that produce a wide light spectrum. It is ideal for a large area. The main purpose of the solar mailbox lighting is to make the box visible, so you can also place the light at some distance.
  • You can assemble the lamp by reading the instruction manual. Then you can install it accordingly, or place it somewhere if you want, depending on the sunlight.
  • The material like cast aluminum does not need any maintenance. Besides, the rippled glass of the fixture is also very durable and easy to clean.
  • The product can give you light and can also enhance the garden area or your patio and backyard.
  • Warm white light enhances the surrounding area, including the mailbox. You can check the entire mail easily or can also read it there.


  • Produces up to 150 lumens
  • Weather-resistant
  • One-year warranty
  • Maintenance-free
  • Three rechargeable batteries
  • Takes 6 to 8 hours to charge up


  • Shades can affect charging
  • A bit heavy

3- Davinci Premium Solar LED Post Cap Light

The solar lighted mailbox can improve your life as you can check your mail at night. Davinci premium is very effective in this case, so consider buying it. The light can also enhance the trees, plants, and garden furniture or accessories. When there is light in the front yard, no stranger can dare to enter your premises.

  • This is a post light compatible with 4×4 and 6×6 pillars. You can also place it on the ground or a table or counter, etc.
  • It is an energy-saving product because it does not depend on electricity. The built-in solar panels light up the fixture in the dark.
  • After charging it for 6 to 8 hours, you can use the light for a whole night till dusk.
  • Aluminum protects the light from heat and rain or snow. The glass has an IP44 property to resist water.
  • The lamp can function for 100,000 hours. Besides, the glass is very strong and does not break easily.
  • It is a mess-free item because you don’t need any wires to run the light. Besides, it produces a warm light having 3000 kelvin.


  • Includes photosensors
  • Automatic illumination
  • Green product
  • Energy-saving
  • Industrial-grade material
  • Produces warm white light
  • Advanced panel
  • Produces 25 lumens


  • Does not charge in low sunlight

4- OTHWAY Solar Lights for Mailbox

This is the most attractive light among the best solar lights for mailbox. Other than its basic function, you can also use it as a decorative item for the outdoor. It produces a beautiful light in the surrounding, giving a cool impact. Whatever is the weather, the fixture will not get cracks or rust. Let’s see other qualities of OTHWAY.

  • The fixture has an automated switch and the sensors turn it on at night and shut it down in the day. In fact, the charging starts on its own when the sun rises. More intense sun means better charging.
  • The design of the light is very unique. Like, the honeycomb pattern in the structure makes it innovative.
  • Though the light is smart, it is strong as well. Wind or storm cannot displace it even if you have just placed it somewhere.
  • It has various installation methods like you can either mount it on the wall or can install it on the posts. A wireless product like this is quite time-saving.
  • Powered by the sun, the mailbox light solar is a worthwhile product. Besides, 4 lights at one price also make it a cheap solution.
  • It has excellent manufacturing with high-grade plastic. The light can easily resist rain or snow.
  • The NiMH battery is durable and it recharges faster than other products.


  • Full customer satisfaction
  • Decorative and functional light
  • 2-years battery life
  • 4 to 6 hours charging time
  • One-year warranty
  • 60-days money-back


  • The shelter can slows down the charging

5- Greluna Solar Wall Lights Outdoor

Greluna is making solar mailbox lights for several years. The current model is also suitable for garden decoration. You can also mount it near the front door or on the driveway. The effect of warm white light is amazing for the atmosphere. Anyone can install it easily.

  • The light can resist any weather conditions like heat and snow or severe rain, etc. Due to ABS of premium quality, the fixture can last for many years.
  • The battery needs at least 6 hours to get the power and supply it to the lamp. After proper charging, it will stay functional for 8 hours.
  • There are 8 fixtures in a pack, so you can buy it and install the lights on a pathway at equal intervals. You can also divide them to place on the post or mount other lights on the wall, and so on.
  • The light has two modes, including warm white and a color-changing mode. On a special occasion, you can set it to colorful lights. However, the warm white will work better for a mailbox.
  • You can use screws to fix the light on the posts or pillars. You can also place it on the deck, so it has multiple installation methods.
  • Greluna added a large solar panel to this light. It can absorb more sunlight and the conversion rate is also high.


  • Two adjustable modes
  • Various applications
  • Different installation methods
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery
  • Produces 10 lumens
  • High-grade ABS


  • Dust can affect charging

6- Davinci Solar Outdoor Lights

You will see a variety of solar lights by Davinci. The company wants to satisfy different customers of different tastes. This product is very cool and slate black goes well with the landscape. It produces a bright light, so consider it very effective.

  • Solar lights for mailbox are wireless and installing them is very easy. You can accent the front façade with these fixtures.
  • The light gives warm white with 12 lumens. This is enough to light up the box or to spot a specific tree, plant, or some other place.
  • If you place the light under the full sun, the battery will get charged within 6 hours or it may prolong if the sun is low. The built-in sensors will prevent discharging due to automation.
  • It’s a good combination of IP44 plastic and tempered glass. These materials enable the lights to withstand weather issues. Besides, the color will not fade in the hot sun.
  • The lamp will work for several years because it has 100,000 hours of life. But, keep it clean so that nothing can affect charging.
  • You can install it with the help of stainless steel screws and it prevents rust, making the installation firm.


  • Advanced panels
  • 400mAh rechargeable battery
  • Compact but flexible
  • Functional and decorative
  • Provides safety
  • UV-resistant
  • Self-installation


  • A dusty panel will obstruct in charging

7- Twinsluxes Solar Post Cap Lights Outdoor

The pillars having the mailboxes need lights and solar light is the real solution. Twinsluxes is also suitable for decks, patios, and certain landscape parts. These lights go well with three different sizes of post tops. They can easily repel water and snow due to their making.

  • You would love the Twinsluxes solar lights for mailbox that can serve you for 10 hours. They are also safe for you and your kids as they are without wire and electricity.
  • The light fixture has IP44 grade material that resists the heat and water. The material is also strong and the color does not fade away.
  • You can install these lamps on the 3.5×3.5, 4×4, and 5×5 inch posts, so that is quite versatile.
  • You can also add décor to your home other than just securing the front door. Even you can install these lights in the backyard.
  • You have to charge it for the first time like for about 12 hours. After that turn on the switch to make it automatic.
  • It produces a warm white light that creates a great effect in the place. ABS makes it a durable fixture.
  • You can install the light with the help of screws. You can take the help of the manual that comes with it.


  • Produces 10 lumens
  • Weatherproof and durable
  • 30-days refund
  • 24-hour service
  • 600mAh rechargeable battery


  • Bumping the lamp can affect charging
  • Dirty panels need regular cleaning

8- Paradise by Sterno Home Solar Cast Aluminum LED Post Cap Light

The variety of solar lights for mailbox includes another item as Paradise lights. It has a unique bronze color that gives it a vintage look. You can install these fixtures on the posts, pillars, and wall tops to light up the area. The lights will help you check and collect your mail even late at night.

  • The light is made of aluminum that protects it from rust because it does not trap water. It can last for several years, provided you take care of the solar panel.
  • It needs the sun to charge its battery. But, the entire system is wireless so it is secure for the residents and the visitors.
  • Pets like cats are fond of climbing on the posts but don’t worry, because the lamp is very durable. You can firmly fix it on the post with screws.
  • The crystalline panel acts fast while charging and the conversion rate is too good. The light sensors work automatically depending on solar power.
  • The company processes the glass with a hammered technology, so it is very durable.
  • You can mount these lights through guidance. The company provides a manual along with the light.


  • Includes a Ni-MH rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof and heat-resistant
  • High-grade crystalline solar panel
  • One-year warranty
  • Enhances and illuminates the exterior


  • Includes only one light
  • Suitable for only 4×4 inch post

9- Gama Sonic Outdoor Solar Light

The company like Gama Sonic is not new in the lighting industry. However, its solar lights for mailbox are also getting popular due to their quality. You can either mount them on the posts or walls depending on your needs. They are suitable for all kinds of outdoor purposes.

  • The light comes up with a mounting kit including the screws. Besides, you can read the manual guide for further assistance.
  • The black light with a nice lamp looks attractive. It suits all kinds of facades having paint or tiles of any color.
  • Unlike other lamps, the BLK Prairie lamp produces 50 lumens and will light up for a whole night like up to 12 hours.
  • You have to make sure that the lamp charges in the high sunlight. Only 6 hours are enough for charging.
  • You can install it in three different ways. You will feel safe as the fixture is without any wires. Kids can play around it and even the pets are safe as there is no electric power.
  • Cast aluminum is a strong material and also enhances the light’s ability to bear harsh weather.


  • Wall, post, and bolt mounting
  • Provides 1000 times of charging
  • 3-year battery life
  • Money and energy-saving
  • 8 hours of warm white light
  • Lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  • 360-degree light distribution


  • Does not charge in the shade

10- 4Ever Products Galaxy Black Steel Mailbox with LED Solar Light

This is a real mailbox light, unlike other solar lights which are only for pillars or walls. It comes up with a post and it’s a very stylish and delicate light. You don’t have to maintain it and the installation is not an effort. The high-grade vinyl give this fixture and post a good strength.

  • The solar lights for mailbox by 4Ever Products are unique. White post contrasts the black mailbox. The color does not fade under the sun.
  • The mailbox is black and galvanized steel prevents it from rust. Besides, the rest of the fixture remains secure in the rain
  • The LED light by Galaxy produces great illumination. It is a cap light, hence, it distributes light to all the directions equally.
  • It also enhances the home exterior and goes well with modern and traditional buildings.
  • You won’t have to paint the post at any time as the finish is long-lasting
  • You can install it directly into the concrete; hence, it remains firm. However, you have to wait for 24 hours to let the concrete dry.


  • Approved by postmaster
  • Lifetime guaranty
  • Resists rust
  • Replacement parts are easily available
  • Durable post, light, and mailbox
  • Stylish design


  • Installation may need an expert
  • Only one piece

Buying Guide

The review is very important to know the qualities of the solar lights for mailbox, but you will also have to see the specs while shopping. A few elements will help you find if the product is good or bad. Let’s look at some helpful tips to consider.


The product must be durable or you will have to replace it soon. Generally, ABS and glass lamps are available. Some lights have aluminum and steel construction which are too good to resist the weather. It should not break while fixing the light with the screws. You can check the grade of the material before buying any product.

Number of Lumens

It is also an important factor to see if you will get enough brightness or not. If you just need an accent light, then you can go for dim light. Whereas, a light that produces up to 50 lumens is ideal for a mailbox. Bright light can also protect your house.

Rechargeable Battery

Ensure that the light has a rechargeable battery.  Besides, the battery should be replaceable, or the light would become useless after the battery life is over. Generally, you will see Nickle batteries as they are very strong. The faster it charges, the better it would be.

Conversion Rate

The solar panel must convert the sunlight into power to a higher level. Most companies use crystalline panels for solar lights. Besides, the sensors should function well in all conditions.

Solar Light Pricing

The cost of solar light varies depending on its making. A product with multiple packs becomes quite economical for customers. High-grade material is often expensive, besides, the size of the light also determines its cost. So, check all these things, including your affordability.


You have to light up the outdoor in any way, so why not use solar lights. The review of the ten best solar lights for mailbox has helped several customers. People can check their letters at night under solar lights or can also read various letters or bills. These lights need either a post to fix them over or you can just place them somewhere.

Various manufacturers are constructing solar lights, so they are different in certain ways. The lights have rechargeable batteries, which are already inside the lights. The solar panel is the main part that absorbs and converts energy into power. The lights also add security to homes and resist natural hazards.


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