10 Best Led Solar Light Bulbs For Inside And Garden Reviews 2021

The quality of the solar lights does not only depend on the panel, but also on the bulb. Solar light bulbs often have dual charging methods, like you can charge them in the sun as the name shows or can use a USB cable. You can use these bulbs indoors after charging or can also hang them outside.

Some companies make waterproof bulbs so they are suitable for outdoor. Whereas, certain solar light bulbs are not waterproof. They are ideal for flood areas or for camping and hiking, or where there is a shortage of electricity for any reason. Generally, such bulbs have hooks to hang them somewhere.

10 Best Solar Light Bulbs Reviewed & Rated

1- Flyhoom Solar Powered Light Bulbs Outdoor Rechargeable

If you live in an area where power issues happen, use solar light bulbs, instead of regular lamps. You just need solar power to get the light. Flyhoom is an advanced bulb that you can operate with a remote. It is also ideal for areas where floods are common.

  • You can control the features of this bulb through a remote controller. Like, you can turn the bright mode or can have a dim light. Besides, it has middle and SOS modes so it is a versatile bulb.
  • Users having a pet cage can install this bulb there. In hurricane areas, solar bulbs can prevent you from accidents.
  • You can charge this bulb in the sun and then install it inside to get the light at night.
  • There is also a timer in the remote device so you can set the time. Like, you can set it at auto-turn off mode within 15 minutes to 4 hours or more.
  • You can also charge it through a USB cable that you can insert in any charging device. This installation method allows you to carry this bulb while traveling, especially for camping.
  • The design is compact and you can place the lamp in your backpack while going out. You can also hang it anywhere outside the house for regular use.
  • It is a strong bulb being made of PET. If you place it properly, it can last for many years.


  • Applicable to several places
  • Energy-saving
  • Low-cost solution
  • 4 modes
  • Enabled with a remote
  • 1200mah battery
  • Money-back guarantee
  • FCC and ROHS certified light


  • Rain can damage it
  • Not pre-charged

2- Solar Light Bulb Outdoor Afoskce

There is a variety of bulbs for solar lights, including the Afoskce. You can carry it with you to camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities. Besides, you can also install it in the chicken coops or a pet house. This is entirely a safe way of getting light.

  • If you want to charge it in the sun, attach the solar panel with it, and hang directly facing the sun. After a full charge, save this bulb to use as a mobile light or let it hang there if you want.
  • You have to charge it for up to 6 hours. It will not charge under shades, so consider this factor.
  •  The product also includes a USB cable, so you can charge it with a device having a USB port in it. This feature makes you free from depending only on solar power to operate this light.
  •  This is a durable bulb having 5000 hours of lifespan. The panel is also of high quality.
  • This is an energy-saving bulb because you are not using power.
  • It can help you in an emergency, like in hurricanes, storms, heavy rains, when there is no electricity.
  • It includes a hook, so hanging it is easy. You will get two bulbs in a pack.


  • Dual charging methods
  • Durable panel and bulb
  • Includes a charging indicator
  • Uses less power
  • Rechargeable lamp
  • Produces 130 lumens
  • Compatible with various places


  •  Does not resist water

3- Pearlstar Solar Light Bulbs

Only those companies get popular that equally consider the solar panel and bulb, Pearlstar is one of them. These solar light bulbs are waterproof, unlike the above bulbs. You can hang them outside even in the rain without any worries. Besides, you get beautiful colorful lights so the bulb can also be decorative.

  • It has a durable solar panel made of polycrystalline silicon having an improved conversion system. Besides, its service life is also longer than certain solar lamps.
  • Users can install these bulbs in a patio, garden, pergola, or can save it in their travel bags for a picnic or bonfire, etc.  Besides, it also has two bulbs for white light, so you can secure your garden with them.
  • This is a green product because you don’t need gas or electricity. Besides, it is safe to use in the rain.
  • You can enrich a wedding event with Pearlstar bulbs. One product includes 6 bulbs, so you can buy two or more products for a marquee.
  • The bulb includes a clip and you can hang it over an umbrella, or some string, etc.
  • Unlike, others, Pearlstar bulb produces light for up to 6 hours if you have charged it well. It includes a user manual to guide its customers about installation and other things.


  • 25% better conversion rate
  • Green energy
  • 5 LEDs per bulb
  • Clear and colorful lights
  • Rechargeable having a built-in battery
  • Automatic function
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 100% customer satisfaction


  • Delicate bulb
  • Does not charge in shady areas

4- ExcMark Solar Light Bulb

All kinds of solar light bulbs help in saving energy including this product. ExcMark makes rechargeable lights that are ideal for areas with floods and power failure. Those who love hiking or camping find this bulb very useful as it is portable, cheap, and durable.

  • Unlike other solar bulbs, it produces 450 lumens. It can equally distribute illumination all around it.
  • The bulb has a battery inside with 1200mAh capacity to store the solar power. You can also run it through AC.
  • The bulb comes up with a small solar panel and a remote. You can either hang it with a hook in your garden or can install it in your camp or elsewhere depending on your needs.
  • After a charge, the bulb will function for 5 hours. However, less charging means, less working hours.
  • The bulb turns on and off automatically. However, you can operate some functions through its remote controller.
  • You need to charge it for 5 hours to get uninterrupted light at night. But, its charging time varies depending on the AC model or DC model.
  • The product has a user manual that will help you understand its features and method of installation.


  • Safe power
  • Durable bulb and solar panel
  • Automatic turn on
  • Excellent customer satisfaction
  • Compact size
  • DC and AC models
  • Cool white light having 7 watts
  • 5 hours charging time


  • A dirty panel does not charge well

5- YINGHAO Solar Lights Indoor with 4 Hanging LED Bulbs

If you need the most powerful battery in solar light bulbs, you should buy YinGhao that has a 6000mAh battery. The solar panel is large and foldable, so you can take it with you for camping. You can use it to brighten up the garden, patio, yard, and a garage.

  • This bulb has dual charging methods, including solar power and USB cable. If it is cloudy weather, consider keeping the YinGhao bulbs with you. Besides, you can manage light with its remote device.
  • It has a large panel made of polycrystalline silicon and you can adjust the shelf. Like, you can remove the shelf to carry the panel easily. The panel has 24 % better efficiency in converting solar power into electricity.
  • The battery can store more power than any other solar light bulb, so it is an economical product. Besides, the battery takes only 4 to 5 hours to store the power.
  • It has 4 bulbs of which two can work for up to 14 hours after complete charging. Whereas, the other two bulbs can function for 8 hours if you charge them fully.
  • The bulb is not only suitable for outdoors but also indoors. You can read in the camp under this bulb. It can also secure your place at night.
  • It is a waterproof bulb with IP65 grade material.


  • 200 lumens
  • Anti-reflective panel
  • Fastest charging
  • 4 LED bulbs
  • Multiple working hours
  • 60-days refund
  • One-year warranty
  • Includes a USB cable


  • Large panel needs more care
  • Needs Intense Sun To Charge

6- Techken Solar Bulbs

We have some other solar light bulbs by Techken which are cheap for many customers. People love to install these bulbs in their garden, warehouse, garage, garage, or a tent. Wherever you want to install the light, you can do it easily. The wire is long enough for indoor use.

  • This bulb distributes light up to 5 meters, so it is a powerful product. You don’t need a flashlight to carry for hiking or camping.
  • There is a hook on the top of this bulb, so you can hang it on a beam, tree, or tent, etc. Two bulbs are enough for a large patio or any other space.
  • You can charge it in the sun for a few hours. After that, you can either hang it outside or inside a room.
  • The bulb gives 110 lumens and its battery has a long lifespan. The bulb can function for 5 hours.
  • It is a waterproof bulb, so you can hang it outside even in the rain. The bulb can secure your home in all the conditions.
  • This is a bulb with clean energy and will not get you any electricity bills. You can use it during power failure as a substitute for regular lights.
  • The light will not cause any glare because the bulb produces a soft white light.


  • Durable bulb
  • Long-lasting panel
  • 3-meter cable
  • Wide spectrum
  • Two bulbs and solar panels
  • Multiple applications
  • Soft white light


  • Don’t charge in a low sunlight
  • Lacks adjustable modes

7- Viewpick Solar Powered Bulb

This is a strong light with various modes from dim, medium to bright light. You can use it during camping, fishing, or hurricanes. You can charge it in two ways. The bulb is very attractive unlike other products of this category. Let’s see other qualities of the Viewpick solar powered light bulbs.

  • There is a long wire with this light, so you can hang it inside after full charging. The light functions for 6 to 8 hours.
  • You can charge it in the sun through a solar panel or can use a USB cable, and a power bank.
  • From dim to bright, all modes are available. The dim mode can work as a flashlight, whereas the bright light is good as a functional light. The SOS mode is suitable for an emergency.
  • The light unit has a rechargeable battery with a good storage capacity. You can monitor charging through its indicators. Like, the red means that the bulb is still charging and the blue light shows full charging.
  • The company tests each bulb before launching it in the market. The specs can further guide you in this regard.
  • You can use it when there is no power like during flood or while camping, hiking, or fishing. The bulb has 3 LEDs producing a cool white light.


  • Clean energy
  • Low-cost product
  • 3 lighting modes
  • A long wire and USB  cable
  • Durable panel
  • 1200mAh
  • Red and blue charging indicators


  •  Low sunshine slows down charging

8- Ning Ze Xin Solar Light Bulb

This ABS light is very strong and users can control it through its remote control device. These solar light bulbs are ideal for camps, rooms, trees, or wherever you can hang it. There is a hook on the head of the bulb. The bulb has a rechargeable battery and a portable solar panel.

  • You will get 12 LEDs in a bulb and can enrich a wide compound. Be it the outdoor or indoor, the bulb will equally work well.
  • It produces a soft white light without affecting your eyes with a glare. ABS makes it safe, unlike the glass bulb.
  • The bulb is adjustable at 5 different modes. Like, a low, medium, full bright, and SOS, etc. The remote controller sends signals up to 8 meters from the bulb.
  • You can either install it in the socket or can hang with the hook depending on your location and fittings.
  • The light can also become a charging device in an emergency. Like, you can charge your phone or tab but fully charge the light to do so.
  • You can enjoy the white light and can perform your tasks quickly. The bulb is also suitable during storms, hurricanes, and snow, etc.
  • You can install it in your home, office, and also a pet house or shop.


  • IP44 ABS-waterproof
  • Can charge other devices
  • 3.5 m wire
  • Rechargeable bulb
  • Eco-friendly
  • Multifunctional bulb
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Affordable light


  • Only manual turn on and off functions

9- KK.Bol Solar Lamp Rechargeable

Our discussion on the best solar light bulbs cannot be complete without KK.Bol. The light has sensors, so it works automatically after sensing the sunshine. We can install it somewhere with the hook or can insert it into the wall socket. It is an affordable and rechargeable bulb.

  • We can take it on a journey by placing it in the backpack. The material of the entire unit is strong enough.
  • You have to place its solar panel over the roof for direct charging. But, the USB port is also available to charge this bulb from any device.
  • An IP65 rating makes it excellent in terms of water resistance. The light can also withstand heat.
  • The battery can store enough energy for an emergency or regular use. You can hang it inside a building or use it for outdoor activities. It can secure your house as well.
  • The absence of gas makes it a clean product that is ideal for creating a healthy environment.
  • The bulb has a long lifespan and it consumes less power. The panel has a good conversion rate if you consider its angle while charging.


  • Environmental-friendly
  • Cool light-130 lumens
  • Rechargeable bulb
  • Hook and socket installation
  • 800mAh battery
  • 4 to 5 working hours
  • Manual and auto operating
  • Android USB cable


  • Lacks a dim mode

10- Lampelc Solar Light Bulbs

This is an effective solar bulb with a hook over to hang it. Besides, it has a long wire to install it inside in case of solar charging. You can install it inside the residence or outside it. You can secure the back or front yard or can enhance the landscape by hanging the bulb on the tree.

  • It is a flexible bulb because of its applications. Besides, it has a 3-meter wire that makes it a handy light.
  • The bulb produces 110 lumens, covering up to 15 feet of area. You can also enjoy a picnic at night or bonfire and camping by having this portable bulb.
  • The product is durable due to its resistance to weather. The company used high-quality ABS to construct this bulb. It can function for 500,000 hours with a bright mode.
  • You will get 2 bulbs in one product, so that saves money. Besides, solar power is also free.
  • The bulb will give you white light, creating a cool effect. However, you can easily do any task under the bulb.
  • Your pets won’t get scared if you install a bulb in their house. Besides, no one can steal your cats from the garden if it’s well-lit.
  • The light has a built-in rechargeable battery and also includes solar panel charging.


  • Functional bulb
  • 110 lumens
  • Illuminates a wide area
  • Weather-resistant panel
  • Easy installation
  • One-year warranty
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Refund within 360 days


  • Lacks USB cable and charging

Buying Guide

The solar light bulbs have a huge variety of which we described the 10 best products. Though it’s just a small bulb, you must see some essential features before getting the one for your home or office.

ABS or Glass

Glass bulbs are effective, but you have to take care of them while packing or traveling. Glass always repels water so it’s good for outdoor. However, high-quality ABS or plastic is also waterproof.

Charging Method

Solar bulbs that we can recharge through various ways are more effective. See if you get a USB cable with the bulb. You can charge it in the sun or through a device like a power bank. The product can work for many thousand hours through dual charging methods.

Wire Length

Every bulb has a wire, so we can attach it to the solar panel. A long wire enables us to hang the bulb away from the panel. Besides, the wire has to be durable and should not easily melt in the heat.


Generally, the solar-powered bulbs have hooks for hanging them. Some products are also compatible with sockets.  Dual installation helps us use a solar bulb even if the hook gets damaged. However, the hook is an ideal way to hang the light on some tree or patio umbrella.


The fact is, we all want to save money while using electronic gadgets. Solar light bulbs produce power just like an electric bulb and we only spend once on them. Then, you can use the bulb for years without paying a penny because you charge it with the sun.

However, the USB charging is also available that takes only a little power. These bulbs vary in price and different companies also introduce discounts from time to time. All kinds of long outdoor activities can take benefit from them.


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