11 Best Solar Flood Lights Led Motion Activated Outdoor 2021

We cannot deny the benefits of solar flood lights because we can use them as security lights, or can also install them in the garden to enhance the landscape. These lights include brackets and an adjustable mechanism that helps users rotate them as they want.

The solar panel is often stronger than ordinary solar lights. Such lights are weather-resistant, however, their effectiveness depends on the quality of the material. The rechargeable batteries enable us to use solar flood lights for years without additional expenses.

11 Best Solar Flood Lights Reviewed & Rated

1- Richarm Solar Flood Lights Waterproof Outdoor

This product is the choice of several customers looking for solar flood lights. This light is waterproof and produces great illumination. You can install it in large areas like farms, gardens, and swimming pool. The light has an automatic function that follows the sun.

  • The light has a cast aluminum structure. The IP65 grade strength makes it durable and helps resist weather conditions like rain, snow, and heat.
  • The light has a huge coverage because it throws light at a wide-angle. Though it is suitable for large compounds, you can also install it outside your house to illuminate the garden.
  • You can install it on a long fence or pole depending on your needs. Ensure that it absorbs the sunlight directly. You can also just put it on the ground to direct it to a specific direction.
  • It has a polysilicon solar panel with a 17% conversion rate. It takes only 5 hours to charge up completely.
  • This light has a 2200mAh battery that helps it work for straight 8 hours. The battery is rechargeable, so you don’t need to buy it after a few times of use.
  • Users can control the light from a long distance of up to 39 feet. This feature makes the light more productive.
  • You can use this light as a flood light, landscape or garden light, and security light. It has an adjustable bracket that makes it a flexible fixture.


  • Wide spectrum
  • Weather-resistant
  • Strong solar panel
  • IP65 ABS
  • Multiple application.
  • 16.4 feet long wire
  • Includes a remote control


  • Only the direct sun can charge it

2- YQL 100W Outdoor LED Solar Street Security Flood Light

This is the strongest solar flood light in terms of power and waterproofness. You can set its time by controlling it from a long distance. You can install the YQL flood light in an orchard, back or front door, or even near a pathway or pool. Let’s discuss other features of this product.

  • YQL is an effective solar light with an automatic function. You have to place the solar panel in the sun to charge it.
  • The light produces wide illumination covering the 5000 sq.ft. But, you can mount this little in a small garden or compound as well.
  • The remote control device helps users adjust light intensity and timings. Users can set the time for 3 to 8 hours. Like, they can make it dim or bright as they like. The remote can send signals from 40 feet without any issue.
  • YQL has a powerful battery that charges faster than the above product. The light functions for up to 20 hours and that makes it an attractive product.
  •  The entire light structure is of aluminum that is not only strong but also resists water, rust, and mildew, etc.
  • YQL solar flood lighting is possible through its 16.4 feet long cable. It allows you to place the light away from the solar panel that is under the sun.
  • The light has a bracket that users can adjust to give an angle to the LED. You can also convert it to a spotlight to throw light on a particular object. However, use a dim mode to accent the landscape.


  • Rechargeable
  • Durable IP67 grade material
  • Ideal for roads, sports fields, and gardens
  • User-friendly function
  • Effective solar panel
  • 120-degree illumination
  • Built-in chip
  • Adjustable modes


  • Hindrance can affect the remote function

3- YiaMia Solar Flood Lights with Adjustable Solar Panel

Some other waterproof solar flood lights are none other than YiaMia lights. You can use them as a spotlight or can illuminate a big place by a wide spectrum of light. Be it your garden, patio, yard, or some sports court, this light will satisfy you. Now, we will explore more features so be here.

  • The light has two batteries that take 7 hours to charge and allow the light to work for 18 hours. The daytime allows the light to get charged through the solar panel and its battery.
  • You don’t need to go out to operate the light as it will turn on at night on its own. Besides, you will get a remote control to adjust the light intensity from dim to a bright mode.
  • The solar panel is adjustable up to a 180-degree angle. The panel has 9.2 feet cable to attach it to the light. However, the cable length is lower than several flood lights, limiting you to some extent.
  • Make sure the remote control button is on to keep light on, or it will lose its detection power.
  • All intense conditions are bearable to this flood light because of IP65 ABS.
  • The polycrystalline panel is of 20 % conversion strength, making this product top up the others.
  • The light includes a stand and screws for installation. Read a manual to understand installation or call an expert.


  • Rechargebable-2200mAh battery
  • Various applications
  • Certified light
  • 2-years warranty
  • Fast charging
  • 24-hour customer service


  • The light should stay on via remote

4- Westinghouse 2000 Lumens Solar Security Flood Lights

While discussing the flood lights solar products, we cannot avoid the Westinghouse lights. This is a powerful fixture of 2000 lumens, besides its angle is wider than other lights of this category. You can use it in your home exterior or a shed, farm, or arena.

  • Westinghouse takes a little time to install. You can screw the bracket on the pole and adjust the desired angle.
  • This flood light is different from others as it has motion sensors. The detectors function for 30, 60, and 90 seconds after detecting motion, so you can adjust this feature.
  • The light has a 130-degree angle that is wide enough to brighten up a huge land.
  • These solar flood lights are weather-resistant because of the cast aluminum structure. High heat will not melt such lights nor can the rain affect them.
  • The light has a 4000mAh rechargeable battery that charges fast and enhances its function.
  • It has built-in sensors that function according to the sunrise and sunset. Always, install its solar panel under the direct sunshine or it will not charge properly.


  • Durable and adjustable
  • Wide spectrum
  • Three motion-detecting modes
  • Automatic function
  • High-capacity battery
  • Quick installation
  • Weather-resistant
  • Top customer service


  • Sensors get affected due to hindrance

5- HULPPRE Solar Flood Lights Outdoor

Hulppre makes strong solar flood lights with motion sensors. We can use these lights for different purposes. Like, we can secure our place with these lights or we can light up the lawn or yard with them. We can adjust the mode as we want.

  • Several flood lights can work as a security light but they don’t have motion sensors. Whereas, Hulppre rule over them due to motion detectors.
  • We can set the light in any mode as it has 3 lighting modes. Like, we can use a bright mode, dim mode, or medium light as well.
  • The light has 66 LEDs, producing 1000 lumens. Hence, it is a strong fixture and has a long service life.
  • The light has a bracket that we can move to any direction to get the sunlight as we want. The brackets make the solar panel more effective.
  • The product also includes a remote control that helps us manage various modes from a distance.
  • It’s an all-weather light due to an IP65 grade material. The light will stand with you for a year without needing any maintenance.
  • The screws will help you install this flood light wherever you want. The manual can also help you in this regard.


  • Motion sensors
  • Three lighting modes
  • One-year warranty
  • Includes a remote control
  • Weather-resistant
  • Installation within 5 minutes
  • High-quality battery
  • Compatible with applications


  • A dusty panel loses its effectiveness

6- WeRise 30W Solar Street flood Lights Outdoor

We can do several things with the help of solar powered flood lighting. Like, it can secure us from thieves and help us play in a golf course or badminton court. We can also use it in our home gardens, pools, patios, or a farmhouse. We can control it from a distance.

  • This is another solar flood light with the sunlight detectors. The sensors help the battery to charge in the day and the light works at night.
  • You can manage different features through a remote control that comes with this product. The device can detect the light from 26 feet.
  • You will get a white light just like the daylight. The colors of various objects will appear in their original tone, unlike yellow lights.
  • You can install this flood light in a garden or street or road and many other places. Kids’ playground also remains safe with these flood lights.
  • You will get a functional light with 50,000 hours of service life. The high-grade waterproof material allows this light to bear terrible weather.
  • You can adjust the lighting time, brightness, on function from a distance with the remote control device. It includes 3, 5, and 8 hours of timing modes.
  • Unlike a lithium battery, this light has an energy vehicle battery with advanced technology. It has 10Ah capacity with a long lifespan. The bright mode works for 10 hours, whereas the dim mode functions for 36 hours.


  • IP65 die-cast aluminum
  • Different lighting and timing modes
  • Adjustable features with a remote control
  • 30 W solar flood light
  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • 3-year product warranty
  • Lifetime customer service


  • The solar panel needs maintenance in storms

7- Loutan Solar Flood Lights Outdoor

Unlike other brands, Loutan only offers one product in a pack. It is a wireless light that we can adjust up to 360 degrees. We can install it to illuminate a driveway, pathway, street, garden, or badminton or tennis courts, and so on. Loutan solar flood lights are also safety lights because they save our property from theft.

  • This is a multipurpose flood light. Besides, we can adjust it at any angle. Make it a spotlight or use it to illuminate a wide area.
  •  If you need brightness up to 300 MCD, you can install the Loutan solar light in your place. The light has 56 LEDs with a long lifespan.
  • You don’t need any wires and electricity to run this flood light. Just let the sunlight charge the inner battery. The sensors help light turn on at night and goes to charging position in the day.
  • There are also motion sensors with better technology. Be it human or some pet or vehicle, the sensors will detect them from 20 feet.
  • The IP65 rating makes it stronger for any kind of weather. Besides, you can easily install it wherever you want. Read the instruction manual if you need to learn more about installation.
  • The 8 hours of charging will light up the lamp for 12 hours. The panel has 17 % efficiency, but it should face the sun for better charging.


  • Dual sensors
  • 2200mAh Li-ion battery
  • 500 battery cycles
  • Adjustable bracket
  • Panel life up to 5 years
  • Tested and certified by CE and ROHS
  • One-year warranty
  • Minimum maintenance


  • Does not charge on a cloudy day

8- KUFUNG Solar Flood Light

As the name shows Kufung is a Chinese product and it is among the best solar flood lights. The light is ideal for outdoor areas like a shed, lawn, deck, post, pillar, farmhouse, playground, and so on. It has built-in motion sensors that make it a security light.

  • Users are happy to save money because they get 4 packs when they buy Kufung flood lights. People often install four lights on a pathway or street, etc.
  • The angle of the light is manageable as it has dual 180-degree joints. The screws can fix the light at any angle.
  • The light has motion detectors of high quality. It can sense motion from about 25 feet. Consider it a security light because it will alert you when someone enters your property.
  • It has a 2200mAh battery that can charge in a few hours. The solar panel is waterproof and has a big conversation rate.
  • Kufung flood light has three modes that work automatically. These modes work from night till morning. While testing a product in the day, cover the panel.
  • Anyone can easily mount this flood light. You can fix it on a pole or can also place it somewhere as it is wireless.


  • Heat and water-resistant
  • High-level solar panel
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Three adjustable modes
  • Suitable for different tasks
  • Highly sensitive motion sensors


  • Daytime testing affects solar panel

9- SunBonar 120LED Weatherproof Solar Powered Security Lights

SunBonar offers high-tech lights including solar flood lights. The company used such material that could resist intense weather. We can install these lights in the garage, street, pathway, driveway, garden, or all such places. Warm white light also protects us from dangerous incidents.

  • The light has 120 LEDs that brings up to 1000 lumens. We can use it for 12 hours or less depending on how we charged it. SunBonar used the advanced chip to make this light brighter than the older versions.
  • We can install this flood light in three ways. Like, we can fix it on the wall or can mount it on some pole or pillar. We can also insert it in the ground through a spike. Hence, we can take many benefits from it.
  • The frame is durable and IP65 grade material prevents it from water, intense heat, and cold, etc. Aluminum enables us to use this light in any weather.
  • The light is equally good for indoors and outdoors. You can enhance the landscape by making it a spotlight. You can also secure your house with this light.
  • All users can install it easily or can consult a manual. Customers can also contact the company for some issues.
  • We can have clean energy through this flood light. Besides, it prevents us from monthly electricity expenses. So, overall it is an economical product.


  • Waterproof material
  • Eco-friendly light
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 16.5 feet long wire
  • Powerful 6w panel
  • Bright and warm white light


  • Panel needs only clear space for charging

10- Uponun Solar Flood Lights Outdoor/Indoor

If you want solar flood lights with dual heads, you must buy Uponun. Besides, it is adjustable through a remote device. You can make it your security solution or can illuminate the barn, pool, garden, or pathway. Let’s see what else these lights can give us.

  • This is a very strong light and you can keep it for years as it is waterproof. Be it rust or mildew, nothing will come close to it.
  • Consider it a smart light because you can manage it digitally through remote control. You can adjust the lighting time from a range, like up to 65 feet.
  • You will get a cool white light that makes the surrounding atmospheres very pleasant.  A wide space can become bright with 6500 K. You can enjoy outdoor activities by installing this solar light.
  • People can also install two lights together to get more lighting. You need to place the panel on the roof and then attach both solar lights with the wire to this solar panel.
  • The company got the approval of FCC, MSDS CE, and ROHS along with the certification. You can trust this company for making the best solar lights.
  • The sunlight charges the lamp and the intelligent mode helps it work automatically.


  • Automatic on and off
  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • Dual head flood light
  • Suitable for many places
  • Three installation methods
  • Certified light
  • Good after-sales service


  • Some people find it expensive

11- JesLed Solar Flood Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

Our last product is JesLed that is equally good because it has all the features that flood lights should have. Users love to install it in the garden or commercial barns, shed, pathways, and so on. You can also charge it with the USB cable to make it work for indoors as well.

  • The light has motion sensors, so it can detect people, vehicles, or animals from a distance.
  • This can become your emergency light as you can also charge it with a USB cable and keep it with you while camping or can use in hurricanes or other natural disasters.
  • The company applied IP64 waterproof material while manufacturing the JesLed light. It can bear any climate so it does not get damaged easily.
  • You can save a lot of money through solar LEDs. The bright white light can enrich the landscape and other areas. One light produces 520 lumens with 90 LEDs
  • It has 4 modes, including the motion sensor mode, sensor and dim, emergency mode, and dim mode. You can get more details through its manual.
  • The solar panel is larger than other products. The light can work for 5 nights with motion sensors. It can also work on the rainy day turning to an emergency mode.


  • Four adjustable modes
  • Bright white light
  • IP64 waterproof rating
  • USB charging
  • 2600 mA lithium battery
  • Large solar panel
  • 60-days refund
  • 2-years warranty


  • The package does not include  a USB charger

Buying Guide

Like we ponder on other things, the same way we have to focus on some aspects while buying the solar flood lights. The above products are the best but you will be clearer if you know certain facts about such lights. You need a practical approach to decide on a product so that you can take all its benefits.


Solar lights are designed by special people who know both technical aspects and styles. The light is either small or large, having a plastic or metal structure. The color of the light is either white or black or maybe neutral.

Large lights can illuminate a wider area than smaller lights. Besides, the light with a full 360-degree angle is better than the one without it.  It should have a durable system to fix it somewhere with screws.

Solar Panel and Battery

The solar panel’s material must have more capacity to absorb solar power. The panel should be portable and must have a long wire. However, the wireless lights are also excellent. The battery must recharge faster and should supply power to the light without any hindrance. Its working hours should be more.

Adjustable Features

The flood lights with remote control are easier to manage that those without it. Besides, the brightness should also be adjustable as described above.  By managing various modes, you can convert the light into a spotlight or some security light. Some lights allow you to set a certain lighting time so that is also a good thing.

Weather Bearable

Lastly, the light must withstand the terrible weather conditions like rain, heat, snow, or even hurricanes. With such breakability, the light will not corrode due to rust, nor will it get cracks and the lamp will also stay safe.


The outcome of the entire discussion is that solar flood lights are useful in many ways. We can make them security lights or can convert them into spotlights to enhance some landscape features. We can brighten up an arena, sports ground, farmhouse, and home as well.

The battery keeps a flood light functional and various products have various types of batteries. The bracket helps users mount and adjust the light as they want. You can easily buy these lights from the online stores.


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