7 Best Solar Deck Lights Outdoor Reviews in 2021

If you want the most convenient lights for your home, solar deck lights will be suitable, as they are wire-free and safe for all. Depending on the style, you can install these lights on the post, wall, pillar, or pathway. A rechargeable battery and solar panels are essential for solar lights, and you can replace the battery whenever you need to.

If there is any special event, you can make it memorable with decorative lights with changing colors. Some solar lights have motion sensors, so they provide more security. The best solar deck lights are waterproof, heatproof, durable, and need a few minutes to install. The following reviews will help you understand these lights more.

7 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviewed & Rated

1. Aootek Solar Deck Lights

Solar lights become more valuable with motion sensors like Aootek solar deck lights. They have adjustable modes and advanced solar panels. You can also install them somewhere else in the outdoor.


  • The lights are bright and can secure the deck area with motion and PIR sensors which can sense motion from 26 feet. Instead of installing expensive security cameras, use Aootek lights.
  • The light consists of three modes, including security, permanent ON, and a smart brightness mode. Such a variety of options is rare in cheap and high- quality solar lights.
  • The light has a rechargeable battery with a 2200mAh capacity that helps produce bright light.
  • The product includes three highly bright LEDs that cover a wider area than other deck lights. You can also place them in the back yard.
  • The PET lamination makes solar panels much better than other such lights in terms of conversion rate. Whereas monocrystalline silicone gives it durability.
  • The surface of lights has an IP65 finishing; hence, it can tolerate heat and water. They also go well in the garden, patio, pool, gutter, wall, etc.


  • Two motion inductors
  • 120-degrees detection angle
  • 20.5 % conversion rate
  • 1.2 W panel
  • Weatherproof deck lights


  • These lights don’t look attractive like other models

2. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

Those who like round lights should try Siedinlar solar deck lights which are also suitable for several other areas. People also use them as road markers.


  • Customers can take benefit from four bright lights in terms of security. You don’t need to manage their switches manually due to solar power.
  • The lights can resist high pressure, like up to 20 tons. Whether you drive a truck or any other heavy vehicle around these lights, they will not get damaged due to aluminum alloy.
  • The rechargeable battery enhances the life of the product. By charging lights for 8 hours, users can illuminate the deck or yard for 12 or 15 hours.
  • It has screws so you can mount this light easily on any surface on the ground, or stairs, and garden, etc.
  • These are strong lights and can secure your place, especially, the pathway to a garage or garden, etc. They are the best solar deck lights for steps.


  • IP68-grade waterproof
  • Resists terrible weather conditions
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Can be used anywhere outdoor
  • One-year warranty
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Round lights don’t appeal to some people
  • They lack motion sensors

3. Jsot Solar Deck Lights

Solar-powered lights with a warm white effect look stunning. Jsot helps us create a mess-free area with wireless lights. The lamp is compatible with multiple outdoors like yards, pathways, deck rails, posts, etc.


  • The best solar deck lights are user-friendly because they don’t involve any hassle of the manual function. Turn on their switch for initial charging, then they will turn to an auto mode.
  • You can install eight deck lights with screws or can also use adhesive tape. However, only screws come with the product.
  • These lights are more decorative because of their warm effect. They look beautiful around the landscape with soft and hard elements.
  • With 8 packs, users can save money because they don’t have to buy costly lights. Buy one item and create magic in the pathway or yard, etc.
  • You need the direct sunrays to power up the solar panel. Lights get their power from the panel, so install them in a sunny place. Make sure there is no shade over lamps.
  • It has a 700mAh rechargeable battery that can keep LEDs active for 9 hours. But, let the battery charge in the day without any interruption, like they should not be under any shade.


  • Create a nice effect
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Consume less power
  • Help save money
  • Includes a rechargeable battery


  • Battery capacity is less than other deck lights

4. Solpex Warm White Solar Deck Lights

Solar lights should be innovative in terms of their function. Solpex makes solar deck lights, which also go well on pathways, fences, and steps. Warm light can also secure the stair area, preventing you from accidents.


  • A wireless and waterproof light is ideal for the outdoors. You can install them as a decorative element or just to have some light.
  • There is no switch on these lights because the design includes an insulator tab that you have to take out in the beginning. After that, the lights get to auto mode works.
  • They charge faster than other deck lights within 4 or 5 hours. Sunny places are ideal for Solpex solar-powered lights.
  • Screws are available with the lights for installation. Hence, you can do it without any external help.
  • Always ensure that the solar panel is free from dust or it will not absorb much sunlight. Besides, the lights should not be under the tree or other hindrance.


  • Widespread application
  • Effective function
  • Compatible with outdoors
  • IP65 ABS finish
  • Comes with a warranty


  • Not suitable for those who want bright light

5. Sunface Solar Deck Lights

Innovative solar deck lights with automated switches and changing color modes can completely change the look of your house. Be it garden or yard or patio, the solar lamps will suit wherever you install them.


  • It has two modes, like one creates a warm light with 7 colors that change one after another, whereas solar LED light is for normal use. In other ways, you can have decorative and security lights at a time.
  • By using solar lights finished in ABS, you can protect them from rain, snow, and other natural elements. Eventually, such protection makes them more durable and long-lasting.
  • It’s a wireless light; hence, feel free to install it anywhere with screws. But, the sunlight should fall on its solar panel.
  • You can enjoy a party more through color-changing lights. Six lights are enough for pathway posts or walls, etc.
  • The lights can secure your deck and no one can dare to enter your house with wrong intentions. You can also install them outside the house on your boundary wall.


  • Two lighting modes
  • Durable ABS finishing
  • Quick installation with screws
  • One-year warranty
  • Two-months refund policy


  • Lights lack motion sensors

6. Home Zone Solar Deck Lights

When you need to secure your house without guards, better have solar deck lights by Home Zone. They are wireless and waterproof and need only the sunshine to illuminate an area.


  • The lamp produces very bright light than other deck lights. You can brighten up a big deck or yard area with them. Round lights are compatible with the rest of the environment.
  • The lights include crystalline panels, which turn into a charging mode during the day. The solar panels come with quick absorption and conversion rate.
  • You can install these lights as quickly as you want. These lamps can keep the stair area safe due to bright light.
  • These lights depend on an auto ON sensor to work without any human help. Like, they turn on at dawn and go on charging in the dusk.
  • The material was approved for an IP67 rating, so the lights are very reliable and resist severe weather issues.


  • Weatherproof solar lights
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Wireless security lights
  • Good customer support


  • They are not suitable for decoration

7. Sunface Solar Fence or Post Lights

An incredible solar light has decorative effects. It is suitable for the garden patio, yard, etc. It has different modes, so you get a variation, unlike ordinary solar deck lights.


  • Sunface brings highly stylish solar lights. You can install them in any modern house. However, the lights are equally suitable for an old house if you want to give it another meaning.
  • It has two lighting options, including the changing-colors and warm white. So, users can enjoy a colorful effect or can have a warm light for nights.
  • These are solar lamps with polysilicon panels having a 19.5 % conversion rate. Grab this opportunity to save money and have a clean atmosphere.
  • Whether it is too hot or too cold or it’s raining, Sunface solar lights can bear anything due to an IP65 finishing. They are very durable and can stay with you for a long.
  • With a quick installation, users can save time and use it in some other tasks. Lights come with screws, so you don’t need to buy them. These solar lights on deck posts can change your home exterior.


  • Colorful and warm
  • Waterproof lamps
  • Effective and durable panel
  • Fast installation


  • A little expensive because of the style

Buying Guide

The variety of solar deck lights can be overwhelming and stressful for you during shopping. Let’s make things easier for you with some suggestions. Basically, two things need your attention more in this case.

How Bright Are The Lights?

You must consider the lumens you get from solar lights, especially if your main objective is home security. Maximum lumens means more brightness, but the light should not consume more power. But, if you need decorative lights, even dim lighting will work.

Types of Solar Panels

Solar lights often come with different solar panels, such as PV cells, polycrystalline, monocrystalline, as well as amorphous silicon. The panel should produce more power without any leakage. Besides, the conversion rate should be high.

Other than these factors, you must consider its battery, size, material, working life, run time, charging speed, detection angle, strength, and weather tolerance. Solar deck post lights 4×4 are also available. You can buy these lights from online shops. Famous brands provide safe delivery of solar-powered lamps.

How Long Do Solar Deck Lights Last?

You will have to go through product reviews to see solar lights’ durability, working life, features, as all these elements determine their life. A deck light can have up to 1000000 hours of life. Whereas those with rechargeable batteries can work for 2 to 5 years if you maintain them. Whereas the built-in LEDs can last for more than 5 years.

Do Solar Lights Charge On Cloudy Days?

Solar lights need sunlight so that the panel can convert it into power. When there are clouds, the panel will not charge; eventually, the lights won’t work. But, if the battery is full, you can use it on a cloudy day, but the working time depends on its storage. Later, you can recharge it when the sun reappears. You can also replace the battery.


If you look at the above solar deck lights, you would find Aooteck lights of the best quality because they have motion sensors and upgraded solar panels. It has three modes so you can enjoy various options in terms of settings. The lithium-ion battery makes Aooteck a top product, but other lights are also excellent in several ways.

Those who love stylish lights can select Sunface, especially for a modern home. Hope our reviews and guide gave you a deep knowledge of solar deck rail lights and others.


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