7 Best Backpacks With Solar Panels Reviews 2021

Solar products are not only all about lights, but a solar backpack is another item in this industry. These products are shoulder bags with solar panels on their back. The bag has a USB port for charging devices like laptops, tabs, smartphones, cameras, or flashlights.

The panels are chargeable and need the sun for that purpose. You can also remove the panel while charging. The number of watts varies according to the nature of the solar panel. In general, they don’t have a battery, but you can buy if you want.  

You can hang them on your shoulders while traveling, camping, biking, and hiking, or any outdoor activity. It has different pockets that can hold a laptop, tab, phone, cards, glasses, camera, and several other things. Mostly, the solar backpack has a water-resistant fabric.

7 Best Solar Backpacks Reviewed & Rated

1- ECEEN Solar Backpack 7W Solar Panel

This is a large solar backpack with a front pouch and side pocket. The back also has a large pocket having a net patch over it. Red and black bring a sharp contrast with this bag. You can take it on a journey as it can hold lots of things.

It is also suitable for hikers who need to charge their mobile phones on the go.  The below details will help you understand it better.

  • You would find it very durable. Nylon adds strength to the solar panel backpacks.
  • Its panel is powerful and produces 7 Watts of power to charge compatible devices. The absence of a battery makes it a green product.
  • This backpack also includes a voltage stabilizer, so it is very safe. You can charge a mobile phone, flashlight, tab, and all such devices.
  • The bag has several pockets, and the front and back pouch allows you to keep essential traveling stuff. Be it your smartphone or water bottle, everything will stay secure.
  • The solar panel comes up with a 22% conversion rate that is enough to charge your cool gadgets.
  • You can use it in the rain as it is waterproof. The fabric, like PVC makes it weather-friendly, as Eceen made it especially for travelers.
  • It is available in 7 colors, including blue, green, grey, black, and so on. You can buy a color that matches your hiking gear.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Includes a USB port of 5V
  • Suitable for traveling
  • Weatherproof bag
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple compartments
  • Attractive design and colors


  • Some people consider it large
  • It lacks battery

2- EnerPlex Packr Executive Solar Powered Backpack

If you are looking for a compact solar backpack, try EnerPlex. It is a good combination of solid and net fabric, besides nylon gives it strength. Black goes with all outfits, and the size of the backpack is ideal for bikers, campers, hikers, and even for students.

You can charge anything from its port as the solar panel produces safe power. Other features of EnerPlex are below:

  • It is a lightweight product so even the girls can handle it well. Your back will not feel any burden over it.
  • The solar panel produces 3 watts which is enough to charge small devices, including phones, cameras, and tabs, etc.
  • The material is shockproof, and the solar panel can resist water due to its making.
  • By using the solar powered backpacks like EnerPlex, you will get clean energy. Besides, it is also a cheap product than other backpacks.
  • It has several pockets to keep a laptop, mobile phone, water bottle, pen, cards, wallet, keys, and other things.
  • The black exterior and red interior make this backpack cool. Red allows you to identify your stuff in an easy way. It is also available in grey.
  • You can charge it in the sun while traveling or while resting in your camp. Clean energy keeps us healthy due to a safe environment.
  • You can also gift it to your loved one on a special occasion.


  • Weather-friendly
  • Shockproof material
  • Water-resistant solar panel
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Award-winning product
  • Suitable for travelers and students
  • Can charge 6000 mAh battery in 12 hours


  • Excludes a battery

3- Eshow Solar Charger Laptop Backpack

Though compact, Eshow solar backpack can contain all of your gadgets, including the laptop, tab, phone, notebook, and some others. White sections inside make everything visible. It is suitable for all those who indulge in outdoor activities. You can open it easily without dropping your things down.

The company makes sure that the customers get a compact backpack for all their stuff. Let’s explore more qualities of this multipurpose holder.

  • It has a USB port for users to charge their gadgets. The built-in solar panels convert the sunlight into power.  You can recharge this bag when there is the hot sun.
  • The designer created this product keeping in mind snatchers and thieves. There is a cable that makes it secure, preventing theft. Moreover, it has a lock that keeps the stuff safe. You can zip down everything to make it more secure.
  • It has both small and large sections like you can keep a 17.6 inches laptop in it. You can also place your iPad and mobile phone. Then it has small pockets for credit and visiting cards.
  • Polyester does not only give it strength, but also protects the Eshow solar backpacks from water, snow, and dust, etc. The straps include padding, so you won’t feel any stress on your shoulders.
  • The 180-degree feature helps us open it the way we want. It is convenient for us to keep anything in this bag without any difficulty. Just open it, place your gadgets, and close it to go on your journey.
  • It is also suitable for students as it is easy to carry. The strips on its exterior make it unique than the other black bags.
  • Some people also use it as a sports bag and take it to the gym.


  • A good combination of canvas and polyester
  • Compact and highly functional
  • Excellent solar panels
  • Can charge different gadgets
  • Stylish having many pockets
  • Ideal for office workers, students, and travelers
  • 100% guarantee for panels


  • Excludes a battery
  • A bit expensive

4- HAWEEL-Flexible Solar Panel Power-Backpack

It is a small and easy to handle laptop solar backpack that anybody can use. Students and travelers love this lightweight bag. It has a USB port on the outside where you can charge a laptop, tab, phone, or even a battery. Grey looks nice and compatible with other gears.

Though a bit expensive, the durability of the HaWeel makes it attractive to buyers. Other features are waiting for you to review:

  • It can hold a laptop of up to 15.6 inches long, whereas, the iPad can also find its place in this bag. There are also small pockets for your smartphone.
  • Even it can hold gloves, flashlight, cards, glasses, camera, shirts, and much more.
  • The solar panels come up with a 23% conversion rate that can charge all your gadgets. You can charge the panel when the bag is not in use. But, the hikers can charge it while hiking.
  • You have a choice to open it 180-degree or 90-degree depending on your needs. Such solar charging backpacks are the best way to organize your things without any suitcase.
  • It was the aim of the designer to make an anti-theft backpack. So, you will see a zipper in it, but that won’t be visible to others.
  • Like other outdoor gear, HaWeel is waterproof and also resists the cuts that often happen due to rough use. Like, students often throw away their bags after they get home.
  • The shoulder straps have a sponge inside that keeps us comfortable. The entire body is soft enough for the back.
  • You can also carry it during rain or storm as nothing will destroy this bag.


  • 12 watts solar panel
  • Water-resistant polyester
  • Functional and comfortable
  • Compatible with other colors
  • Ideal for various gadgets
  • USB port for charging


  • Some people find it small
  • Expensive than other backpacks

5- SunnyBag Explorer Solar Backpack Charger

This solar backpack is a good combination of light and dark black. The sides have net pockets that provide oxygen to the material, preventing moisture. The back of this bag has a large solar panel that will give you the electric power to charge up your device.

You can carry it while hiking, camping, biking, or traveling for vacations. Even the students can have it. Here, are some other features to focus on:

  • Among other backpacks with solar chargers, SunnyBag has more powerful solar cells. The panels are very effective and you can remove them to charge under the sun.
  • The built-in port will help you in charging your phone, camera, iPad, watch, or even the power bank. You don’t have to worry if you forgot your charger at home.
  • The design and the color go well with all gears. The bag has a bearable weight for the back. Two shoulder straps are soft enough to carry it while going to college or trip or a journey.
  • SunnyBag includes approval that customers get with the product. It ensures safety for all its users.
  • It has a large section to hold a 15” device, like a laptop. There are also small compartments for small gadgets and cards, etc. You can also keep the beverages, snacks, torch, glasses, key chains, wallets, and lots of other things.
  • The fabric of this bag repels water, so carry it in the rain and enjoy it. The insulation also makes it durable and shockproof. Use it anywhere on the hills or while biking.
  • You can keep it for years and can wash it with your hands. Machine wash is also good provided you remove its solar panel.


  • Two hours for device charging
  • Certified and safe solar panels
  • 6 watts of power
  • Cordura fabric to repel water
  • 1 Kg and 15 L volume
  • Removable solar panel


  • Lacks a waist strap
  • Heavier for girls

6- SunnyBag Iconic Solar Portable Backpack

Another model of SunnyBag is its Iconic backpacks with solar panels of 7 Watts. Whatever device you want to charge, Iconic will do it for you. You get a product that powers up the gadgets and also store your things. You can use it either for outdoor activities or for college.

Nobody can reject a product like this, even if they have to pay some amount. The following qualities will make you like this bag more than the others.

  • Be it your phone, a smartwatch, a camera, a laptop, or some other USB chargeable gadget, you can do it with SunnyBag. This bag is bigger in volume than the previous versions of this company.
  • The solar panels have powerful cells because their conversion rate is very high. People prefer this backpack due to an effective panel.
  • The panel is inserted in its back and the USB port is on one side. So, you don’t have to open it to get the power.
  • It is easy to open and close through a zipper. You can use it as half-open or can fully open it to insert all the stuff.
  • Like every other SunnyBag product, Iconic has the approval of the concerned department. The customers also get the certificate along with the bag.
  • The product is good for traveling or camping and hiking. However, the students also love it because they can keep everything in one place. You don’t need several chargers for different devices.
  • Olive brown looks cool and does not get so hot in summer. It also goes with other color schemes around you, like your clothes, and accessories, etc.
  • Both machine and hand wash are possible but remove the solar panel before washing it.


  • Green product
  • Functional and attractive
  • Easy to open and close
  • Comfortable straps with padding
  • Breathable and waterproof material
  • Compatible with iPhone and Galaxy
  • Two to three hours of solar charging


  • Expensive product

7- LifePod Backpack with Solar Panel and USB Port to Power All Your Devices

Here we have another model of the solar backpack that is lightweight but can hold many items at a time. A combination of black and white streaks sometimes creates an illusion of dark grey. Black shoulder straps make it prominent. It has a small solar panel on the back.

The side pocket in the net can hold a water bottle or juice cans, etc. You can explore its features more, so here we are:

  • You don’t need many chargers for various devices, as you have LifePod’s solar panel to get the power. Be it your mobile phone or a tab or laptop, you can charge them through this bag. You will see the USB port on this bag.
  • The solar panel of this bag is highly effective and has a good conversion rate. You have to place it in the sun to charge the solar panel.
  • The fabric of this backpack is not only strong but also resists water and weather conditions. Even it can bear intense summer, so use it as you like.
  •  It is a compact bag with stylish looks. Students often love it and keep their books and gadgets in it.
  • The straps are breathable so the exterior remains safe from condensation. It won’t get damaged if you store it for some time.
  • It has several sections to keep various gadgets and accessories. You can also keep a pair of shoes or a tracksuit in this holder.
  • Due to its small weight, the bag is ideal for females and kids as well. However, adults also love to carry it. You can easily wash it with hands or remove the panel for a machine wash.


  • 100 % satisfaction
  • Lightweight up to 1.6 lbs.
  • Functional with several sections
  • Effective solar panel
  • Built-in USB port for device charging
  • Ideal for casual use
  • Not very expensive


  • Not ideal for long journeys
  • Less durable zipper

Buying Guide

Lots of products often confuse people and they don’t know what to buy. The same happens when you are out for the solar backpack. Though the above reviews help us compare various brands, this buying guide will further make a difference.

There are certain elements that you need to consider before purchasing a backpack. Besides, evaluate your requirements as they play the main role in determining the kind of a backpack you should buy.

Solar Panels for Backpacks

The solar panel is the main thing that you should consider while buying a backpack. Your effort will waste if the panel is not so effective, as you buy this bag just as an alternative to a regular charger.

Solar panels for backpacks must have a good conversion rate so they can give you enough watts. In general, the panel produces 3watts to 12 watts of power. You can also buy a battery separately if the bag lacks it.

The panel is rechargeable and often the large panels capture more sun. The panel should be removable so you can recharge it without the bag. A detachable panel also allows you to machine wash your bag.

Compatible USB Port

Each solar backpack comes up with a USB port that often lies on its side. Make sure the port is compatible with your device. Generally, it can charge a mobile phone, laptop, and tab, etc. You can read the specs to see if the port will charge your mobile phone. Like, if you have an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, make sure the solar bag supports your model.

The Volume

Generally, a backpack has several compartments for a laptop, tab, Smartphone, glasses, camera, keychain, cards, and other things. Check if it is compatible with your laptop’s size.

If you often carry this bag to the gym, see if there is a side pocket to keep the water bottle. Small bags are ideal for kids and students, but adults often want large bags. However, small bags can also hold several things in them.

Fabric or Material

Mostly, people use backpacks for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, traveling, or camping, so the material has to be waterproof. In general, such bags are made of polyester or nylon which are strong and resist water.

Cordura and canvas is another fabric in this regard. Also, make sure that the fabric is breathable or it will trap moisture and get damaged. The straps must have a foam padding to make them comfortable for the shoulders.

Backpack Color

Solar backpacks are available in several colors, including black, grey, green, blue, red, and so on. Generally, black and grey seem to balance a personality as they go well with other colors you are wearing. But, you can choose the color as you like.

Backpack Pricing

Backpacks are available at different prices. If you have enough money, buy a good and expensive brand. But, if you can’t afford a costly product, go for an economical one. Make sure you get a high-quality product, as a poor quality will soon become useless.


The above reviews show that a solar backpack is useful for us in many ways. We can keep several gadgets in one bag. While traveling, we don’t need to keep chargers for all our gadgets as a solar bag can easily charge the regular devices.

The main part of such a bag is the solar panel that should be able to charge your devices. Backpacks with large solar panels are often expensive because they are more powerful.

You can keep a laptop of up to 17.5 inches. Besides, the backpacks have separate pockets to hold smartphones or iPads, etc. Some solar bags have a pocket on the side to keep the water bottle or a beverage can.  Users must know what they are going to store in the backpack as it will take them to a compatible product.


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