11 Best Batteries For Outdoor Solar Powered Lights Reviews 2021

Solar products including the lights are very effective because we can save energy by them. However, the benefits can increase if we use powerful batteries for solar lights. There are a variety of batteries for this purpose of which we will describe the 11 best products.

The capacity of the battery determines if it is functional or not. Rechargeable batteries are good at saving money because you don’t need to buy a new battery every other day. The lamp will illuminate for several hours with a well-charged battery. You must explore below our selection of the best batteries for solar lights.

11 Best Batteries for Solar Lights Reviewed & Rated

1- GeiliEnergy Solar Light Rechargeable Batteries

This battery is at the top in our list because of its power and you get 20 batteries by paying for one product. GeiliEnergy batteries in solar lights can illuminate them for long, like up to 8 to 10 hours. Let’s see the features they bring for us:

  • Users can install the battery easily by removing the cap of the light. Check the positive and negative sides and insert the battery accordingly.
  • The battery gets charging from the sun, so the light must face the sun. Make sure the switch of the light is on otherwise it won’t charge.
  • The battery has a 600mAh capacity and it’s a nickel-cadmium battery that is a durable material.
  • It is ideal for garden lights or other outdoor solar lights. You can also use it for other things.
  • You can use GeiliEnergy battery to replace any regular cells having 600 to 800mAh power.


  • Powerful battery
  • Strong material
  • Rechargeable mechanism
  • 20 batteries a product
  • Cost-effective


  • Consistent use is necessary to keep battery functional

2- Relightable Batteries for Solar Lights

This is another battery that you can recharge whenever you want. It is a good replacement for ordinary batteries that you have to throw away when they don’t function. These are excellent batteries for solar lights that we often use for gardens, patios, and other outdoor areas.

  • The 1.2v battery works well for outdoor lights because you can charge it under the sun. The manufacturing is very durable so the battery can stay with you for long.
  • It is ideal for several lights as you get 20 batteries in one product. You would have seen 12 lights in a pack so Relightable batteries are a perfect match for them.
  • Those who have to buy an ordinary unreplaceable 600mAh battery can get rid of this effort. They can replace it with the Relightable batteries.
  • The battery comes up with around 1000 times of charging.
  • It does not get damaged under severe heat and any other intense weather.
  • Other than the sun, you can also recharge it through a charging device.


  • Worthwhile product
  • 20 batteries in a pack
  • Durable material
  • High storage
  • Rechargeable with sun power


  • May become dead if you don’t use it for long

3- Baobian Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Light

Another battery that is ideal for garden solar lights is Baobian. You can recharge it through solar power. You cannot leave the solar light batteries without using them as they will become dead. So make sure to insert it in the light so it stays functional. Let’s see its qualities in detail.

  • Baobian can easily replace the ordinary NiCd batteries that people often use in solar lights. Hence, you can save money with the same storage power of 600mAh.
  • It is a green product, so it has no negative effect on the environment.
  • You can charge this battery either through solar light or through any charging system.
  • You need just 5 or 6 hours to charge this battery. Make sure the light is under the direct sun.


  • Lifespan up to 25 months
  • Long service life
  • Fast charging
  • Easy to install
  • Economical product


  • Available in AA size only
  • Only 4 batteries in a pack

4- AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries

This is a high storage battery among the best batteries for solar lights. Unlike other batteries, you will get it charged. However, you have to recharge it when the previous power finishes. This product will work for a year, so consider it an excellent invention. The other features are as below:

  • AmazonBasics battery has AA-size that is enough for outdoor solar lights.
  • You don’t have to charge it immediately after buying so that saves your time. Besides, it does not discharge fast like other batteries.
  • The battery has a 2000mAh storage space. You can also use it for toys or cameras other than just lights.
  • You can charge it for 1000 times that is a pretty good lifespan. After that, you may have to replace it with some other product.
  • You can save enough money through this battery as you get 8 pieces in one package. Besides, you don’t have to replace it for a year.
  • You can also recycle it, contributing to the green environment.


  • High-capacity-2000mAh
  • One-year warranty
  • Eco-friendly battery
  • Slow discharge rate
  • Comes up with charging


  • Be aware of cheap replicas
  • Small size suits small lights

5- QBLpower Solar Light Rechargeable Batteries

This is also a small battery with the 600mAh storage capacity. If you have solar lights for gardens and pathways, use QBLpower. Other than ordinary cells of the same capacity, you can use a rechargeable battery like this. Other features of these solar light batteries are:

  • You can use this battery for 25 months as the self-discharging process is slow. Besides, it charges very fast, increasing service life.
  • You need up to 6 hours to charge this battery in the sun. Make sure to insert the battery in a light fixture before the sun rises.
  • It is a strong product due to its manufacturing. The intense heat can’t destroy it easily.
  • The battery is much powerful than the AAA battery. Make sure to read the specs before buying any battery.
  • Other than the solar lights, QBLpower batteries are also suitable for small devices like cameras, wireless gadgets like mouse and keyboards, and remote control devices.
  • You get 12 batteries, so you don’t have to buy more products for many lights.


  • A long service life
  • Fast recharge and slow discharge
  • 1000 rechargeable capacity
  • Green product
  • Recyclable and safe
  • High-quality manufacturing


  • Malfunction may occur

6- Tenergy AA Rechargeable Battery for Solar Lights

Here again, you will get a good package of twelve lights. These are ideal batteries for solar lights and you can charge them in a few hours. It is easy to insert the battery into the light with a little effort. Now, we will explore some more features as below.

  • Tenergy battery has a 1000mAh capacity to store the power. Users can have a powerful product for their precious gadgets.
  • The battery is not only suitable for solar lights, but you can run several home devices with it. You can also keep it in your office for mouse, keyboard, wireless phone, camera, and so on. The battery is safe for kids so use it in their toys.
  • The battery is rechargeable and after its life is over, you can replace it easily. However, it has a long service life.
  • Instead of buying an alkaline battery, again and again, get Tenergy cells because they are rechargeable.
  • You can charge it by inserting it into the solar light.  Ensure that there is no shade during charging. You can also use a standard unit for recharging this battery. So, don’t worry if the sunlight is dim.


  • Excellent runtime
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Replaceable and recyclable
  • Fast charging
  • Slow discharge rate


  • Dirty solar panels affect the charging time

7- Kinsun Rechargeable Battery for Outdoor Solar Light

Kinsun is an old name in the industry of batteries. This product is more effective than the previous one. You can put this battery in the solar lights that you install on pathways, driveways, patios, lawns, and so on. Below are some features of the solar lights battery.

  • You will get a good quality battery at low rates. Besides, the package has 8 cells that further helps you to save money.
  • Compared to several other brands, Kinsun rechargeable battery has a 900mAh storage capacity. Make sure to charge it well, so you can take the full benefit.
  • It has a long service life, so you don’t have to replace it fast. The slow discharge makes it too effective.
  • The battery does not take more time to charge. Be it the sun or a charging device, Kinsun battery will charge faster.
  • Users can easily insert the battery into the solar light. Sometimes the light does not have a cover, so remove the screws to place the battery.
  • The battery has multiple applications. Like, you can use it in the solar lights or can run a small wireless device with it, such as a toy, table lamp, radio, or even a torch.


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Very economical
  • High capacity
  • Safe for all
  • Minimum internal resistance
  • Durable material


  • Low charging reduces the light efficiency

8- Mr.Batt Rechargeable AA Batteries

What a powerful battery, as you cannot see so much storage space in any other product. Besides, Mr.Batt gives us 8 batteries in one pack. We can use it to power up the solar lights or can also operate certain gadgets of daily use. The batteries for solar lights are effective if they discharge slowly like this product.

  • Forget the alkaline batteries that you have to replace every other day Mr.Batt offers 1200 charging cycles that is higher than several products.
  • You can recharge it in any regular charging device that we use for double and triple-A cells.
  • You can use it for up to three years as it has a low discharge. The battery keeps 75% storage power, so it is very effective.
  • You will get a pre-charged battery that also reduces the hassle of long charging for the first time.
  • The battery will help you operate many things like flashlights, hairdryers, mouse, gaming gadgets, and all such products. However, the main purpose is to help you power up the solar lights.


  • Pre-charged
  • Slow discharging
  • 1600mAh capacity
  • Long-lasting material
  • 3-years’ service life
  • Multipurpose battery


  • Unsafe for kids
  • Can damage in the fire or heat

9- Bonai Rechargeable for Solar Garden Lights

If you want a battery with high functionality, get Bonai. Not only rechargeable, but the battery is also leak-proof that increases its life. You can use it in any kind of solar light. Enrich your space with bright lights because you have a triple AAA battery.

  • Bonai makes the best batteries for solar lights, including this one. The power storage space of 600mAh gives the battery a super quality.
  • You should forget the alkaline batteries and replace them with the rechargeable Bonai products. The discharge rate of the battery is very slow and you can recharge it in a little time.
  • Other than just solar lights, you can put this battery in toys, remote controls, flashlights, and all such devices. You will get 20 batteries, so you can use it in many lights or gadgets.
  • The battery has strong material, so it can bear intense weather. Be it high heat or intense cold, the battery will stay safe.
  • Don’t worry if the sunlight is low or there are clouds. Get a Bonai battery charger and recharge the cells to run your solar lights.
  • It is a green product and safe for your atmosphere. Kids can also put it in the toys as it is a safe battery.


  • Eco-friendly product
  • Long-lasting material
  • Good capacity
  • Multiple applications
  • Fast charging
  • Dual charging methods


  • Does not charge well in dirty panels

10- Powerowl Solar Rechargeable AA Batteries

Those who want bright solar lights must use more powerful batteries like Powerowl. You can recharge the battery through a charger or the solar light will help you to do so. Be it your garden light or pathway solar light, this battery will help give illumination.

  • Compared to the old Powerowl products, this one is a better version with a 2800mAh capacity.
  • It resists intense temperature, be it plus or minus. You can use it for more than 3 years because you can recharge it for 1200 times.
  • Twelve batteries are enough for a long path with 12 solar lights. However, if you don’t have lights, buy Powerowl batteries for small wireless devices. Due to high power, you can also use it in an LCD T.V
  • The battery has a slow discharge rate, hence its service life is high. Besides, the resistance to intense weather also increases its life.
  • You can recharge this battery in a universal charging device, or charge it through the solar panels.
  • Users must take batteries out when not in use as it also helps save power.


  • Long service life
  • Highest storage capacity
  • Weather-resistant
  • Ni Mh makes it durable
  • Various applications
  • Includes 2000 cycles
  • 12 pieces in one product


  • Only 20% pre-charged
  • Poor solar panels affect charging

11- Melasta Rechargeable AA Batteries

This is another high storage battery with a low discharge rate. You can use them for solar lights or several gadgets that run with batteries. With 1200 cycles, Melasta batteries for solar lights become more powerful.

  • The battery comes up with a low power wastage, so its service life increases. You can recharge it for 1200 times which is pretty awesome.
  • With 2250mAh, the battery can give you a bright light, however, charge it well. Even the capacity remains 85% if the battery is not used for a year.
  • As it is a rechargeable battery, so you can reduce your expenses that go into the battery replacement after a short time.
  • Charging does not affect the memory as you can charge the battery when it needs a little or full charging.
  • You can use this battery in either outdoor devices like solar lights or in the indoor gadgets. You can get rid of wires and electricity by using the Melasta batteries
  • The battery can withstand intense weather, be it hot summer or cold winter with snow.
  • Users don’t have to spend much to run several devices, as they get 8 rechargeable batteries.


  • Cost-effective battery
  • One-year warranty
  • 45-days money refund
  • Maintains 75% power when idle
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable material
  • Compatible with many wireless devices


  • Does not charge on a cloudy day
  • Becomes unsafe near fires

Buying Guide

Though the review answers many questions regarding the batteries for solar lights, you need more guidance before buying some products. Different elements need consideration, so let’s explore them to make a good decision.

Storage Capacity

This is the top feature that users must consider while shopping for a battery. Generally, the capacity starts from 600mAh and goes up to 2800mAh. The high capacity means the battery can save more energy that helps us operate various devices.

 A high-capacity battery is ideal for devices that need more powered. Whereas, the low capacity is enough for small units. Also, make sure the battery is rechargeable through a charging unit.

Charging Cycle

Ensure that the battery is rechargeable, otherwise, it is useless to spend the money on it. The discharge and recharge cycle should be enough to ensure long service life. This cycle may go up to 1200 and even more depending on the brand. If a battery can maintain a high percentage of power when idle, it is a sign of excellent product.


The material of the battery is often nickel-cadmium, however, other materials are also there. The material must be strong enough to bear the high temperature. Besides, it should withstand freezing temperatures.

The Application

Instead of getting a battery that is only suitable for the solar lights, see the one that you can use in other devices. In case, you are not using the lights, you can insert the battery in a toy or flashlight or a camera, and all such gadgets. But, ensure that the battery is safe as the fire or heat can cause an explosion.

Service Life and Warranty

The battery should have a long service life as mentioned above. Besides, choose a brand that offers at least a one-year service warranty. If you get a refund, it will be another benefit. You can find all these qualities through the specs that come up with the battery.

It should charge fast so you can save time and do some other tasks. Be careful while solar charging as the panels should be clean. Besides, the shades can hinder solar charging. The lights should face the sun for proper charging.


The cost varies depending on the size, capacity, brand, and number of pieces per packaging. The quantity may vary from 4 to 20 batteries per pack. More batteries in a product can benefit you more.  Check for all features if you see any cheap product. Discount is also available by certain brands.


The best batteries for solar lights prevent users from wasting money they spend on buying alkaline batteries. A rechargeable battery often has a good service life and it is safe for the environment. Users can recharge the battery through solar power or any charging device.

The cost of the battery is affordable and most brands offer 4 to 12 and 20 batteries in one product. The solar lights can stay functional for long if the battery is effective. However, if the solar panel is not clean, it can affect the charging time, thus increasing it. A rechargeable battery is also good for certain gadgets of daily use.


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