3 BEST 50 Watt Solar Panels in 2021

One of the worth talking paradigm shifts that have been happening over the last few decades is the trend of going off-the-grid. More and more people are preferring solar power over electricity. Every day thousands of people are stepping into solar markets either as clients or as sellers. It has flourished itself into a promising market. You may think what is so astounding about solar energy is that people are getting attracted to it like moths to the flame. Well, its benefits are countless but here are a few of the foremost benefits.

It is eco-friendly, as it doesn’t leave any carbon footprint behind. It is pocket-friendly,  you just have to invest in it once and you are free from all the worries, you don’t have to pay a single bill after that. Power can be saved for rainy/cloudy days and nights, in batteries. It is an uninterrupted source of power, as you don’t have to depend on long cables of electricity which are often disturbed by jarring weather conditions. Thus we can say, solar power is promising in all aspects.

To convert solar energy into solar power,  you just need solar panels. Solar panels are composed of high efficient solar cells that utilize sunlight to make solar power. Solar cells generate current in DC, and as we all know our appliances work on AC, here is when the inverter comes to serve the purpose, it converts DC into AC.

And thanks to our solar panel companies,  which have made the installation of solar panels such an easy thing. Nowadays pretty much all the solar panels come with pre-drilled holes and a proper set of instructions. All these facets, make installation uncomplicated.

3 BEST 50 Watt Solar Panels Rated & Reviewed

Nowadays markets are flooded with solar panels, each more promising than the other. Thousands of options can help you make a comparison in detail but it can also be very bewildering. To make your hunt easy, we have compiled a list for you, from top-notched stores.

1. Renogy 50 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel

First on the list is a 50-watt solar panel from Renogy. Its long service life and enhanced cell performance are ensured by advanced encapsulation material which is laminated by multi-layered sheets. In low-light environments, you don’t have to worry about power drop, because bypass diodes ensure minimizing power drop. Smooth and long performance life is corroborated by TBT back sheets.

Its durability can be estimated by its ability to withstand high winds (2400pa) and snow loads (5400pa), and by the fact that it has positive power tolerance of (0-3%). Protection against environmental particles and low water pressure water jets is provided by IP65 rated junction box. And to make sure it works for decades outdoors, it comes with an extended corrosion-resistant aluminum frame.

Installation can be done in a flash because of pre-drilled holes

It is compatible to use with both on-grid and off-grid inverters. Compatible with different Renogy mounting systems such as Z-brackets, Pole mounts, and Tilt mounts. Pre-drilled holes are included for grounding.


  • Worth the money
  • High resistance         
  • Pre-drilled holes


  • Performance ratio decrease over the years   

2. SUNER POWER 50 Watts Mono Crystalline 12V Solar Panel

If you are thinking of a solar panel that has multiple compatibilities, this 50-watt solar panel from SUNER POWER is your perfect choice. This solar panel can be used for a variety of off-grid applications where 12V battery is used such as cabin, gate opener, shed, And it can also be used to charge and maintain AGM, seal lead acid, Deep Cycle, Flooded GEL. You can easily charge batteries that are in the pump, car, marine, boat, RV.

It is IP65 waterproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions. This panel is made up of a strong aluminum frame and tempered solar glass. Its optimum performance is assured for up to 10 years.

Suner Power is made up of highly efficient solar cells and the charging algorithm is divided into three stages that allow to charge the battery more expeditiously and also protect the battery from over-charging, short-circuit, over-voltage, and over-discharge.

This solar panel is exceptionally practical and useful. It is equipped with three working modes for the load so you can set this according to your needs and according to your desired working hours. And you can have visual invigilation on status of solar panel and load, battery conditions, with the help of visual bright, LED indicator.

This 50-watt solar panel is Easy to Use, compatible with multiple mounting brackets- adjustable flat mount brackets, adjustable pole mount brackets and Z brackets.


  • Extended warranty and professional technical support
  • Multiple uses
  • Three working modes


  • Best working is assured only for ten years

3. RINKMO 50W Portable Solar Panel

This 50-watt solar panel from Rimko is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, picnic, camping, because it is capable of tolerating harsh weather conditions, weighs only 3.3 pounds and it comes with a waterproof bag so it is safe to carry around. It is dustproof and waterproof.

It has a unique light intensity sensor that can detect the light intensity received. Power generated can be determined by display value.  This awe-inspiring feature will help you obtain the best angle. Light intensity sensor is flexible enough to bend backward, it effectively reduces the effect of sun irradiation thus reducing equipment aging.

It is composed of high-performing solar arrays, which generate more energy as compared to other conventional panels, it converts up to 23% of solar power into electricity.

It can be used for multi-purposes, for mobile phones, power banks, GPS, laptops, digital cameras, tablets. With your adapter, you can also use it for ROCKPALS, SUAOKI, NexPow. Rimkos dedicated XT30 parallel cable can be used to connect up to four such 50-watt solar panels in parallel, making maximum power output up to 200 W.


  • Best for unexpected power outages
  • Easy to carry around
  • Multi usage


  • Input and output ports are not waterproof 
  • Performance is affected by many factors


In conclusion, we can say, 50-watt solar panels are worth your money as they can be used for multiple purposes, and will surely not disappoint you whenever you face sudden power outages outdoor.

You can choose any product from the list as we have carefully picked these products from trustworthy brands,  which have a lot of goodwill in the solar panel market.


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